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”Best Movie set in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales” A. Boxer saied. There are some. But these are islands in the Northern Sea and I think The Sea should have its fair share in it. That leads automatically to one film in which The Sea plays a leading role: Man of Aran (1934) (Ger., Eng.) by Robert J. FLAHERTY (Ger., Eng.), THE pioneer of the documentary film. Of course Man of Aran is no documentary. It depicts a life the islanders in the early 1930s already had put behind them, so the last shark hunt for lamp oil as it is seen in the film had taken place in the 1880s. But they were still very close to the life of their grandfathers. The film is impressive still today, sea and land in all its beauty come to their right. The public discussion about “documentary” films had already started long before Man of Aran came into cinemas, in fact in the 1920s.
The clip comes with new music by a band called British Sea Power, I have no clue about them. A documentary How the Myth was made (1978) by  George STONEY is a useful addition.

For unknown reasons the embedded clip Is shown in a short version, just one minute and a bit. Click on it and go to youtube, it’s 4 minutes there and makes more sense.


I had difficulties with videos after updating the adobe flashplayer to the actual version 10. Videos started only the first time, any following video gave me sound only, no pictures.
I solved that problem by going to this site, where the user can choose to take part in the html5 trial. If I get it right, it means that the videoplayer is now in the coming html5 standard, no more flash. Not all browsers do work with this. I use the latest Iron, a Chromium without calling home.
If I  use the aforementioned site, and click on the link down there I take part in the test trial. When I afterwards click on the youtube symbol in the clip shown below I come to a 4:19 min version of the clip that runs slower and ends with the boy climbing down the cliff and discovering something.

Does this work for You too? Please let me know if you try it.



Rumour has it that one boy, a certain Soren Knudsen, was that upset that he was not chosen as cast for the film that he decided to “show the world”. He sadly vanished summer 1940, there were stories about submarines.


11 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Princess says:

    What a wonderful find Mr Mago… that lad looks like he has done that fish catching trick before… As for me.. I’d be collapsed in a heap from vertigo sitting on that cliff edge……

    Happy MCW!

  2. xl says:

    What beautiful photography! I did not know about this film, thanks!

    I was also going to have an outlaw entry until Miss Boxer added Wales at the last minute!

    Happy MCW!

  3. I went to youtube but it was still only 1.34mins. However there are lots of clips which I may have a look at later, if I remember.

    Oddly enough, I went to the launch of a lit mag last week, or maybe the week before, called Archipelago; the founder/editor of which talked long and passionately about staying on Aran for a year as a young man. He showed lots of wonderful photographs of it, and also of St. Kilda.

  4. I’m so glad I added Wales, too. You always have the most fascinating clips and I’m always happy to see you’re participating. I’ve never heard of this, so I went to Youtube and watched more. I love the lighting in this movie. Very bright and clear. Thanks for playing and Happy MCW.

    As for Soren Knudsen, I thought he joined the circus and left town? Wrong Soren?

  5. I am so intrigued to see more of this.

    (I did not look at post dates of previous postings so you may very well be over your ‘cold’ by now 🙂 … if not, get well)

  6. Hello and welcome Kat, thank you for your first comment here. There are some videos of Man of Aran on youtube, I hope you can find something enjoyable. And thank you, I feel better!

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