Number Three

After Harrisburg 1979 (Ger., Eng.), Tchernobyl 1986 (Ger., Eng.) we seemingly have to add number three to the list of civil atomic catastrophes, Fukushima I 2011 (Ger., Eng.). I read in different news sources that the core meltdown started. Let’s hope they are wrong.
The German secretary for environmental issues – truly a dim bulb in the shop – was quick to announce that there would be no danger for Germany, Japan is far away, you know? So it’s other people’s problem, eh? Fine …

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  1. I saw a TV reporter interview a nuclear expert this morning about the Japan incident. The expert said it was a core meltdown but that it had not escaped the containment building, so it was more like the Three Mile Island incident. The reporter kept insisting, “yes, but if it escapes the containment building, it will be like Chernobyl and spread!”

  2. Part of the problem with our world is that so many people take that attitude. And as far as nuclear power being safe, I think it’s proven out that it is NOT a safe option. The risks are far too great. Clean energy such as solar and wind is the only way to go for the future.

  3. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, if it is blowing its normal route and taken up by the jet stream, it could reach the U..S West coast in 8 hours or less, particularly Alaska and Washington state. When I fly, back home from Japan the flight is three hours less with the use of the jet stream.

    Also, in WWII the Japanse used to send bombs on weather balloons via the jet stream. Sometimes we still find them. An undetonated one was found on Bainbridge island by a father and son in the late 1990’s (1998 I think)

  4. Just read on a newspaper page that they pump seawater in for cooling. Seems to be a last ditch effort, XL.

    At the moment I fear that you are right, Eryl.

    Nothing changed, Faycin A Crowd. More than thirty years ago strong and violent demonstrations took place against the nuclear waste deposit they wanted to built in the German province (“Endlager”). The problem with the nuclear garbage is unsolved and stays unsolved, nobody knows where to puts that shit in a safe way. Anyway, that reactor seemingly melts. And pumping in sea water means that it becomes radioactive – fish anyone?

    It’s danger for all, Wanda, but politicans can not think in the category “All” “humans”.

    The wind goes east, a forecast this day saied at least until Monday, steady with 15 km/h, Melanie. If it turns around China and the Koreas will have a problem. Where ever the cloud will turn to, actually the Pacific becomes contaminated. I will look for this story about the Japanese weather balloon!

  5. Wanda is right. Nothing like a nuclear meltdown to remind people that we all share the same planet. It’s a shame the powers that be insist on keeping us in the dark. Some would panic but most would react very well to being treated as adults.

    “Look, this is what’s going on, this is what you can do to help.”

  6. The Viking tells me that earthquake was so violent that the Earth’s axis is 10 cm out. Japan is now 2m adrift from where it was Thursday.

    No, they are wrong. What happens in Japan affects us all.

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