Sunday Music

The actual development on this planet is not enjoyable, to say the least. The reactions of some local politicos does not help to feel better, au contraire – it’s adding shame and disbelief to the already grey feeling. Memories of the incident 25 years ago, of all the 1980’s protest here and its futility, while images of Fat Green Cats speechifying about constraints and realpolitik flash through my head, give me a slightly sick feeling. And strengthen the urge for beauty.
Call it bloody escapism and lecture me about the function of art in a modern society if you like, nobody has a monopoly on insight – or else can join the never-ending queue of hypocrites, enlightenment  à la mode “for a cup of tea”, to cite J. TULL (Aqualung). Aber wo anders als im Schönen, Wahren und Guten sollte denn Hoffnung zu finden sein? Where else but in the Schönen, Wahren und Guten hope could be found? It’s not all Aesthetik, but without aesthetics life would be an unbearable grey dullness.
Relax, close your eyes, gently drift away. Hope you enjoy.




17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Great way to start my day. Music soothes the savage beast-Don’t know how savage I am BUT that was a nice interlude. When I went to bed I put on a cd called Quiet Days put out by my life insurance company. Twelve pieces of music with no voice just pure joy to listen to. Have a great week and don’t let what is going on in this world get you down. Gray can be a pretty color.

  2. Sometimes seconds make a difference, Scarlet.

    Grey can be real “edel”, noble and gallant. But I actually feel way different from noble, Joyce, a bit more like a knave after the melee …

    Yes, when everything seems to be still possible. Every new life another possible answer, another chance to come to the better. Maybe the conditio humana is chasing after a never reachable promise.
    Somewhere here Arendt’s book must lie around. I really should go for a walk now …

  3. Thanks. You are right, it’s very necessary. Interesting: the English commentary was focused on information – the German commentary was extremely political gespickt mit dem ewigen Sarkasmus und Ironie to the point of disgust.

  4. I’m sorry about that. Good music, have you thought about a new career as a radio DJ for SWR? Never the same after Laufenberg left.

  5. Du fragst jemand, der seine Sendungen mit einer Tonbandmaschine aus der 70er aufgenommen hat. A luddite that still listens to radio with a real radio. 😛

  6. *blush* Sometimes I play the wrong note, and not quietly … thank you Savannah, glad that you liked this Sunday Music.

    Sorry Norma Desmond, your comment was isolated by WordPress, I just found it now. Glad that you like the music!

    Frank Laufenberg was with SWF until 1980. I listened to SDR3 (Kreglinger, Holtmann et al.), especially the night program Schlafrock, discovered it end of the 1970s. Together with cigarettes and Kadarka.

  7. Good times. I’m a little jealous. I discovered him when he worked at SWR1 the last decade – he still had good picks but I think he was often pressured to play “modern” stuff and the result was not always a good mixture. I hope things are better for him now at the new place.

  8. For some reason my computer has blocked the music content. Will have to figure it out later. Friends in Tokyo are starting to ask for Iodine tablets for self and others. Online stores are already out. I have emergency supply stuff here for my family, but never thought to add such a thing until now. I grew up downwind of the Hanford Nuckear Reservation that has been decommisioned for several years now. I remember the air drills from school in the 1970-80’s. People think it is funny when in rare times I have hit the ground because of a loud noises, but it is not funny. It is a trained reflex a psychological trigger to prepare for war from childhood and time in the military. The ones that know better, should be more worried than entertained if they have any small idea of what I’ve been through.

  9. Iod tablets, to block the radioactive Iodite out so that it can not amount wherever it is stored in the body, prevents cancer. Grab some and put it in the bag, Melanie. Let’s hope your son never has to learn such things. Leah asked, looking at her child, whether a live free from fear is possible.

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