No trustworthy news from Japan, all in limbo. Nothing touchable, like radiation, deadly, irreal. Tokyo must be the strangest place on this planet now.

25 years ago we at least could look at maps, look in which direction the wind would blow the radioactive particles, men in suites stood around and measure what ever was to be measured. Today, there, nothing. They sit and wait. And nobody has to say something, even the pseudo-reliability, the as-if-we-could-manage-something provided by some stupid measurement readings does not happen. Engineers are liars it seems.


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  1. Maybe we will wear protective boots in near future, Miss Scarlet. But with a hint of kinkyness.

    Same here, XL: IF this happens … I’d rather like to know what happens NOW. When I read last night that the governement takes over the coordination of efforts I saw it as a good sign, but they seemingly do not get answers too. No one can use a telephon, no one is responsible. Same shit, different nation.

  2. Ponita says:

    No one wants to take responsibility, even though Mother Nature started this mess. If you don’t take responsibility, even if just for the clean-up effort, you don’t have to say much. Then no one can point fingers. Until the whole country glows in the dark and everyone starts sprouting extra limbs… What a catastrophy and now a fiasco.

  3. I have spent most of my working life in local government. You either try to make small changes or give up and go do something else. I still respect the Japanse government, they are no worse than the any other industrialized government. You have a lot of civil servants trying to make a difference, nut also some that abuse the system, waiting on their ass until retirement and then you have the politicians above them, the talking heads with there political spiel. They do not interact with the civil servants, unless they have no other options. It is at this time they see how how grossly underfunded and unorganized a certain department is.

    When they make buget cuts here, they do it to the most well-known departments. They want the citizens to see/feel the pain of lost revenue. They do not get rid of some ancient department needed before computers were invented. I think they are too lazy to make real changes, because they cannot use it for re-election purposes and the departments can only do so much within their own structure.

  4. I think Japan is not far away from glowing in the dark now, Ponita.

    Yes, they may be no different than any other industrialized governement. But one would think that they tell what is going on, Melanie. They act like the old Politbureau 25 years ago. If they want avoid a panic I guess they do it just the wrong way. Telling people just to have patience while a couple of reactors start to melt towards where? – I have to look that up – is not that trust building. A man’s deed would be to put the face on the telly and to say openly: We can do nothing.

    A war zone. I think they now officialy gave up, XL. They left fifty men behind and that was that.

    I have only an indirect connection to Japan, Eryl Shields a man related to a friend. He at the beginning grabbed his child and wife and went South. I wonder what the situation is like with the Japanese students and tourists here.

  5. Amanda says:

    Lies or news black out might even be preferable to conflicting news like:

    Cäsium und Jod in Leitungswasser in Fukushima …Dies habe aber keine Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit, hieß es.

    WTF? Why even mention it then.

  6. Princess says:

    Tragic news in Japan… thank you for the link Xl.
    The neuclear thing is like a runaway train Mr Mago. Seems like the driver is asleep while the fireman keeps stoking the fire.
    How anyone can know what the exact situation is with the whole world speculating from their armchairs, opining on grainy TV footage… “Experts” are just that… Drips under pressure.

    With communication networks and power outages the distribution of up to date information I would imagine, would be nearly impossible.
    Exclusion zones and warning announcements are probably the best that can be done in the most unenviable of circumstances at present.

    The workers still trying to manage the disaster at the reactors are doing the best they can. They may be the only survivors not swept out to sea by the Tsunami…

    I am so sick of the discussion and hype about the economy… Where is the humanity? Fuck the stock market!

  7. I think we should better listen to Herr Günther Oettinger, the EU Comissioner of Energy -and only man who dares use the word ‘Apocalypse’ for Japan’s terrible situation- rather than to the Japanese authorities. I have heard some softy news over here too, stinking of pro-nuclear lobbies.

    This disaster will teach us a lesson -all the Govts are re-considering their nuclear policies- but in the meantime, the population is in danger and the prospects are not good.

    I absolutely second melaniereynolds. I work for the local government too since 2004, and it seems that the top political class is all the same. Just worried about power, money and votes. All over.

    So, Atomkraft? Nein, danke!

  8. Looking at the Tagesschau liveticker f.e. I sometmes get the impression that they desperately grab anything to fill their space, Amanda.

    I think the workers left behind are already dead, they simply did not fall down yet, Princess. I do not understand the stock market.
    A great-uncle once told me, that one would have to love money, only then it would come to one easily.

    Oettinger, once MP of Baden-Wuerttemberg, not one of the most diplomatic politicans, was a kind of disposed (entsorgt) into the European bureaucracy by his party. But maybe in the actual situation he’s the right man at the right place, Leni.
    Good to see you again!

  9. Amanda says:

    The stock market can be a very cold and evil place but many traders are just regular folks who love their families, countries and planet just like everyone else. They also volunteer and donate lots and often.

    I can assure you, quite a few were emotionally crushed by this.

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