Movie Clip Wednesday

“Best Hitchcock”  A.Boxer saied. A rich oeuvre to pick from! I choose the 1936 thriller Sabotage (Ger., Eng.), with the incredible, sinister looking Oscar HOMOLKA (Ger., Eng.) as Mr. Verloc. HOMOLKA was something like the villain on duty, later the KGB-officer of choice, for filmmakers from the 30s to the 60s, a friendly Austrian.
Here come a modern trailer and an interview with Desmond TESTER (Eng.), who played the boy.





Sabotage is available on youtube in seven parts á ten minutes. Verloc sends the boy off with the package sometimes in part five.

12 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Good evening Mago,

    Good choice, it’s been many years since I’ve seen this movie, yet I remember thinking, I can’t believe he killed the boy. Of course this is one of the things that made Hitchcock such a fine talent.

    Hope you’re enjoying your clip day.

  2. And a bit frightening, Wanda.

    WHACK – y, Ms.Scarlet! :)

    I read that Hitchcock later saw it as a big mistake to have the boy killed, Karl. The heroine of the picture kills Verloc afterwards and the hero gets rid of the evidence … pretty immoral piece, that movie.

  3. What a nice selection, Karl – the cameo appearances! I only remember one, when he occupies a telephon booth and only his shadow is seen. I never spotted him!

    (I am sorry, your actual settings allow no non-blogger comments at your blog.)

  4. I just read more about this movie. It was one of the last ones Hitchcock made in England before moving to the States. What a great plot and I think I’m going to try to watch this…. not happy about a boy being killed, but that’s why Hitchcok was Hitchcock. Great pick. Very “Mago” and I’m glad you played this week. Thank you!

  5. He was a master in slowing things down, Joyce, and one wants to speed them up …

    Too much honour, Boxer, glad that you like it. A close runner up was “Torn Curtain”, the scene when Mr. NEWMAN and Carolyn CONWELL (Eng.) kill Wolfgang KIELING (Ger., Eng.), Gromek, a very brutal thing.

  6. I really haven’t seen much of Hitchcocks early work. I’m sure that having a boy killed (as in a non-accident) had huge shock value back then – as it would today. Good choice.

    Happy MCW!

  7. Yes, Buzz, it shocked the audience … now 75 years later, after a murderous worldwar and looking at actual “small” wars … everybody must be reminded of suicid bombers, yes it is still shocking in it’s brutality.

  8. Hei BUZZ – I was at your blog and found no way to comment – ? It is different from Karl’s – there only google-bloggers are allowed to comment, but at yours the whole comment section did not show – ? I do not use strange filters or something, I use a normal browser (firefox 4 it is now) – did you change something?

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