Mops, ewig

I am very sure that I have already mentioned in the course of writing here Ottos Mops. It’s a silly poem (Ger.) by Ernst JANDL (Ger., Eng.) (Here text and JANDL reading, here a nice animated video for illustration). The late great Robert GERNHARDT (Ger., Eng.) (Nachruf dt.) was inspired by Ottos Mops and gave us Annas Gans, Enzenbergers Exeget,  Gittis Hirsch and Gudruns Luchs, read them here.
But can it be translated?
Yes, it can.
signandsight wanted to know and held a competition some years ago. The winner is “Fritz’s Bitch” by Brian MURDOCH (Eng.), runners up were “Prue’s Poodle” by Katy DERBYSHIRE,  “Mao’s Chow” by Walter BARKAN (not sure whether it’s one of his works) and “Doug’s Pug” by Alexander SAGER.

4 thoughts on “Mops, ewig

  1. Cool!

    Reminded me of this from sixth grade:

    Song of the Pop-Bottlers
    Morris Bishop

    Pop bottles, pop-bottles
    in pop shops;
    The pop-bottles Pop bottles
    Poor Pop drops

    When Pop drops pop-bottles
    Pop-bottles plop!
    Pop-bottle-tops topple!
    Pop mops slop!

    Stop! Pop’ll drop bottle!
    Stop, Pop stop!
    When Pop bottles pop-bottles,
    Pop-bottles pop!

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