Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Kaori MURAJI (Ger., Eng., portrait at Decca) plays a nice little early spring song.
I hope we all have a good week ahead.




18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Serene is good, XL – I’ll try. Especially around the end of this week …

    Glad that you like it Savannah. 🙂

    Thank you, Ponita, it does not need to be fab, quiet and according to plan would be anough for me …

    Thank you, Amanda, what an interesting find! The “women in jazz”-month is a very good thing!

    Thank You, Joyce – and I hope the snow will vanish soon around your house! It’s time for flowers now.

    Boxer, you make me blush … maybe I hang a little too much around the interwebs …

    Yes, dear Princess, it is a nice word, I’d translate it with Gelassenheit, Heiterkeit, afternoon in the garden …

    Aw, Roses, slaving through the cold Northern streets in the damndarkmorning … good to see that you recovered!

  2. newjenny says:

    P..S. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in a world in which we could enjoy a video of a woman playing peaceful guitar music without a ‘date pretty Chinese girl’ advertisement being imposed on us?

  3. peace and hope, Austere.

    Serendipity reigns, Mitzi.

    I am Sorry, Newjenny, I see no ads: I use adblocks plus on “total eclipse”. And I kill all “social” thingies, especially fackbook. So when there’ a stupid ad on this youtube I did not see it. I try to find videos where the video is not in the foreground, but the music. I prefer those with a still image or with a lp player and nothing else. Sometimes some experimental clips are very interesting to look at, but they tent to vanish. Another payne in the ass is sonny and something called CGM or such – for reasons unknown, I am not allowed to see videos in Germany that can easily be watched in France, Poland or Canada and the Americas.
    So yes, dear Jenny, I agree, it would not only be nice, it would be better, watching a video of a woman playing peaceful guitar music without having thrown a “date Chinese girl” advertisement thrown at us.

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