SUNday Music

What a beautiful day it was!
Sun, blossoms, fresh green – es ist eine Lust zu leben!

I hope the next week will be good to all of us!



13 thoughts on “SUNday Music

  1. Oh Mr Mago,
    After several days of rain and overcast skies this morning is looking much
    better already for listening to this… Thank you… I have literally just been outside watching the sunrise. I’t is just a habit I have (only on occasion) to reaffirm for my self that I’m doing alright and that things will be OK…

    All part of the rhythm of life.

  2. Mago-The perfect song for me today-a song of hope. Yesterday I lost a close friend to a blood clot and tonight they are predicting dangerous weather-strong winds, hail and tornados.
    Lets hope- here comes the sun and its all right.

  3. Love this song…. thanks, Mago! Wishing you a great week as well. My move will be over soon and the “new” life begins. Here’s hoping it’s an improvement over the old one.

  4. You are an early bird, dear Princess 🙂

    Spring has sprung, dear Wanda!

    I’ll find a raindance, XL, possibly a working one if a bit used …

    Glad to please, Mitzi.

    In the midst of life we are in death, I am sorry for your loss, Joyce. Tornados … Mann oh Mann …

    Let your nephews do the work, Ponita!

    Roses: To my total amazemend I found when I clicked the video today a message displayed telling me that EMI does not like me to see it: "Darf auf bestimmten websites nicht wiedergegeben werden" – "No permisssion to be played on certain websites".
    Yesterday evening I heared it on youtube. It becomes more and more complicated to link a youtube video and what is most embarrassing is the arbitrariness with what it is handeled: Pops up in one country, but not the next.
    Anyway – enjoy the music.

  5. HA!

    I can not imagine how it is to wait for a tornado, Joyce, or it’s missing. I know that you live up in the North, but winter’s end finally must be in sight, it’s April! “April, April – macht was er will!” – “April makes/does what he wants / is inconstant and unpredictable. We will see some spring storms, but had temperatures high in the 20s Celsius last weekend.

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