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“Best Movie Shot in Space” A.Boxer saied. There are the usual suspects as KUBRICK’s 2001, all this strange Star-Wars-Treck-Alien-bang-bumm-zork-splatter flicks of the 70s, or the 50s invasion flicks (with the notable exception of Forbidden Planet with a young Leslie NIELSEN), or the older serials like Flesh Gordon.
I surely did not choose the best thing shot in(to) space, but one of the earliest I remember to have watched on the heavy black-white-television-set we had at the beginning of the 1970s, after the move into the big city.
It’s “RAUMPATROUILLE – Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Orion” (Ger., Eng.), commonly known as “Raumschiff Orion” / “Spaceship Orion”, aired for the first time 1966, when Gene RODDENBERRY’s spaceship Entenscheiß was still a wet dream.
Kampf den Frogs


(Attention: Music starts very loud.)




9 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Prudence says:

    cooool! i am dying for a (long) vacation to do nothing but read books all day and watch movies all night. i’m not real big on sci fi but every once in a while i just have to have some in my life for a change. like a menthol cigarette or that occasional act of kindness.

  2. What a lovely surprise to see you, Prudence! Have a look at Boxer’s, she really went to the beginning of it all, the first Sci-fi-flick from hundred years ago! I hope you are allright and the whole bunch too. What happened to your violin? Groove on!

  3. Joyce says:

    Good old black and white movies. I remember Flash Gorden serial movies that were once a week. Always tried to leave you worried what was going to happen next.

  4. Yeah, Wanda, relax and allow them to distract you from your worries. Commander McAlister will take over … pure escapism!

    I can remember Flash Gordon only when he was re-discovered here, Joyce. Suddenly he could be found in the late programms of “the third stations”, in the late 1980s I think, but I may be wrong.

    This series was produced with a love to detail and special effect. They even used blue screen technique, must have been one of the first German productions to do. They paied a lot of attention to their special effects and tried to tell real stories. But of course, all started with the voyage, dear Boxer. I wonder whether you will put MCW on hiatus.

    The united mankind lives, at least partly, under the sea. The deep sea is accessed and developed as living area – what Cousteau tried three times. One of 1960s phantasmata, Buzz.

  5. They were remarkable cheery hopping through the stone pit, Eryl – and of course trouble looms, strange creatures called Frogs attack. In the seventh and last broadcast they even make it to earth, but Orion saves the day!

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