Sunday Music

Time to relax, lay back and follow this film before the inner eye … maybe this is the soundtrack of a never realized spaghetti western.

(Attention, starts loud)




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. This wouldn’t sound out of place in a John Waters film, I like it.

    My favourite soundtrack from a western film has to be this composed by Ennio Morricone, My Name Is Nobody. It never fails to lift you out of the doldrums.

  2. What a nice booty, Ms Scarlet!

    With Lino, Alain and a young Jean-Paul as Vorstadt-Strizzi …

    Ha, always with the classics, Mitzi.
    The youtube channel today’s music comes from is a repository for lesser known music with a little twist.

  3. Love the Music and Love the Visual – that turntable ! vinyl ! and a 45 even! with the little insert to make it fit!
    Now I have to go give a listen to Clint (not Jazz though) His – the Good Bad and Ugly 🙂

  4. Morning. I know it Monday…and I’m late again.

    I saw 50s dinner scene with the muzic. You know, big American car with the tail fins out in the parking lot, cinched waists and full skirts and sodas.

  5. Ah Kat, another lover of the classics …

    I hope you had a quiet weekend and could spend it painting, Wanda.

    I first searched for “poinciana” and found this, XL. I could make nothing from the word “poinciana”. In my imagination Florida is somehow dusty, despite the floral name, no surf all around this place … that let the image of a 60s desert Western pop up.

    Visit this channel, he has another record player too, can’t describe it in English – where the vinyls fall down, know what I mean Boxer?

    No need to excuse, Roses, I am glad you are here.

    So we have:
    Kinky film about boots
    French movie about robbers (maybe 50s)
    A John Waters Film
    Something with Clint
    Something intriguing from the past
    Something surfing
    Something with a blast (Blast of silence, part II?)
    American 1950s social drama

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