Thing I Found

Spring. So I did what had to be done. And started a clearing operation in my bedroom. Books tend to build up in rings around my bed, they encircle me … I found the christmas edition of the village bulletin. Something strange printed on the cover. It’s one of these cut-it-out-glue-it-together-things.

Of course I cut.

Of course I glued.

The result may be open to discussion.  Finally a half-profile:

15 thoughts on “Thing I Found

  1. Was ist das dings? I’m a no nonsense Brunhilda when it comes to father christmas and I say a big No to novelty, a stickler for the real deal. Burn it Mago please.

  2. Tehee, exactly Ponita

    Given the weather situation in your part of the world, Joyce, Santa should make an extra round and deliver the eggs coming Sunday, the Green Rabbit (Grüh Hoas) as it was called at home has no chance to make it over the front lawn …

    I started to giggle a bit after having finished the construction, Melanie. Maybe the ten year old super glue had its share in this, astounding stuff.

    Mitzi – what amazing new aspects of your personality: Brunhilde in Westwoods! Burning Father Christmas on Karfreitag – I guess even the Archbishop of Canterbury would happily light a match for my stake, wouldn’t he?

  3. Oh Norma – “crafty” is surely the least fitting attribute for me! Some say I’d be good with my hands, but that normally does not involve crayons, scissors and glue.

  4. ? I am sorry – I do not get it. He’s not dead yet, XL. Tradition has it that Jesus died Friday afternoon at 15:00. You think Santa Claus killed him?

    That’s only because I have a special relationship to glue, Boxer, that makes me not “crafty” in the sense of workmanlike. In fact I have “two left hands”. I interpreted Norma’s “crafty” as craft-related, without geting the meaning of “crafty” as clever or gefinkelt. Fact is I am neither workmanlike or handy nor crafty or clever.

  5. Awww! :)
    Our village bulletin never has and cut-and-glue editions but the school teachers more than make up for it. We have artifacts in every corner of the house.
    A good thing because I much rather look at them than make them.

  6. The grinning cubus …

    Ah yes, all the artifacts … after some time it’s possible to gather them at one place only. That may be a corner of the vitrine or a nice shoecarton somewhere in the cellar, ready to be rediscovered sometimes …

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