April macht was er will

I hope you had a nice Easter. Mine was quiet and lazy. I have done virtually nothing. Yes, I drank a bottle of wine and I read a book – Sudelblätter (1987) by Eckhard HENSCHEID (Ger.), he’ll turn seventy this year, oh my … one may be curious whom he’ll insult at this occasion, everybody should have had his fair share over the last forty years – and maybe I thought something together, what one calls thinking nowadays.
My first attempt to reach the library today had to be disrupted, cold winds and  rain ambushed me while on my way, and mindful of the results of a similar raid some weeks ago (headache, running nose and obstinate cough) I thumbed my nose on the demonish squalls and slipped into a supermarket, a superette if this word exists, and bought myself a baguette – HA! There’s something comforting about a French stick.
In case you wonder about the title of this post – it’s a so-called Bauernregel (Ger.) or weather lore (Eng.) describing the notorious unstable weather conditions in April. These Bauernregeln are not old as Adam, as some people wish them to be, strangely, and there is a strong suspicion that at least a part of them was invented by people who simply mocked the whole thing – similar to the brain-bending rhymed elaborates on the Totenbretter (Ger.), vulgo Marterl, that were not romantic expressions of the Volksgeist, but simply scoffs of the local gentry like pastors, teachers and such.
I think it was the  great ethnologist TETSCHE who saved us a wonderful specimen from darkest lethe: Wenn’s im Märzen früh schon dunkelt, die Bäu’rin an der Rübe runkelt.
And there’s nothing to piggyback.


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  1. I’m standing ready to assist you in any recomended way, Amanda. Generell: Genie dunkelt.

    Easter weekend itself was great with tons of sunshine. Yesterday it became cool. Now I came home just before heavy winds, rain and grey clouds rolled in, I think I heared thunder. Sadly I can not afford to be lazy, Wanda.
    And as I wrote this: Blitz, Donner, zero visibility – ach Weltende!

  2. Die Bäuerin, femal farmer (der Bauer).
    runkeln – difficult to translate. See Grimm Deutsches Wörterbuch volume VIII, Spalte 1520-1521: runke, runkel, runkleruebe, runkelruebenblut, runkelruebenzucker, runkeltod (!), runken as substantiv and verb. To my dismay I learn that “runken” has a secondary meaning as “ein pferd verschneiden” (turning a stallion into a wallach), but I am sure that was not intented.
    Runkelrübe (Ger., Eng.)

  3. xl says:


    The abbreviation threw me off. I know about “-in” making a word female form.

    Yes, my teacher is native German. I am not enrolled in the class at the moment, so won’t see her soon. Studying via computer (Rosetta Stone) currently.

  4. I think everybody is curious about Mago, not just Chandrika Shubham. But I practice the ‘Sehen, hören und schweigen’.
    I must confess that I also thought about ‘Mago’ as a magician (because that’s the Spanish translation) and that surrounds you with a charming halo of mystery. Same thing with ‘Jahrgang 63’, but I won’t ask.
    As far as April is concerned… i know this won’t comfort you, but the weather was horrible too in the South Sandwich Islands. Was bedeutet ‘Runkeln’? I’ll ask my teacher on Friday.

    Gute Nacht! 🙂

  5. i’ve a favor to ask. just got a card from a friend who was in your country; a painting of a girl holding two pugs. the card is entitled “frau mit möpson.” i know what frau means and i know what mit means, but i’m at a loss for möpson and the internet is of no help. might you translate?

    happy belated easter. and thank you for your kind words about dina. i know you do “no pets” here, so it’s very appreciated.

  6. MJ says:

    @Mago: There’s something comforting about a French stick.

    I, too, have been comforted by a French stick. teehee.

    @XL: I had been think of “Mago” as Magician!

    Is it a coincidence that the French word for “magic wand” is “baguette magique”?

  7. “A charming halo of mystery” – well saied, dear Leni. Is your teacher still this dominant Bavarian?

    Too late, dear XL, she vanished in her boudoir …

    Dear Norma Desmond, I am happy to be of help. Is your friend’s name Otto by chance? She holds and presents “Möpse” – Mops (Ger., Eng.) of course means the dog. “Möpse” is colloquially for boobs, titts, mammae (Ger., Eng.). Pugs were very popular the European courts through the late 16th to the 18th century, they often appear on portraits as lap dogs, Schoßhunde. There existed a “Mopsorden”, “order of the pug”, it seems to have had freemasonic inclinations but I do not know enough about it. The 18th century loved “secret” societies of different levels of seriousness. Given the Mopsens more or less erotic connotations the Mopsorden may have been one of the more joyful bodies.
    Dina is really beautiful and has earned the prize deservedly.

    Was it a queue, MJ?

  8. Mitzi says:

    Cheeky is being impertinent with a saucy wink (o <) or taking the piss, not to be taken seriously. You can also be cheeky (bold or brazen) when you help yourself to a grape or two in the supermarché like I sometimes do, it's stealing really, but they're not going to hang you for it.

    I studied German at night class with Herr Lipp our German teacher but unfortunetly the class folded after just two months so I'm left in a German language limbo, only able to pick out the odd words and phrases like Einkaufszentrum und Nein, Ich habt ein schwanz.

  9. Thank you for the explanation, dear Mitzi. A saucy Wink with the baguette … I am sorry to hear that you are left in language limbo. But with Einkaufszentrum and JA! Ich HABE einen Schwanz! you can have an interesting vacancy in Germany. XL uses “Rosetta Stone”, a program for self-learning.

  10. AHA! thanks for so perfectly solving the mystery! this card shows a young girl holding the two pugs up against her chest, their two heads where her boobs are. the play on words makes perfect sense.

    again, thank you for your kind words.

  11. I had a quick look in the Freimaurerlexikon because of the Mopsorden, Norma: It is a 18th century Rokoko-affaire, a play with lascivious sub-tones on the smaller courts of the Reich, seemingly most in the Southern part.

    Could be a motto: Ask me – I explain the world to you!

  12. Mitzi says:

    I know I could Mago especially in Berlin eh?
    A fooking mad schizo, is how we describe the British weather, isn’t that right Mitzi?… yes .

  13. 🙂

    Raine, what a joy to see you again! We have storms in autumn. Over the last years now and then small tornadoes (Windhosen) occurred, but it’s normally a single event.

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