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  1. Tsk. I have Youtube on go slow and can think of no movie weddings…. YES I CAN!!! The best wedding scene ever is the dream scene from Father of the Bride [1950] starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor…. but I can’t find the clip.

  2. Yes! This is the film… but because of my lousy broadband speed I am having trouble watching it. The dream scene is stunning – wobbly floor and lots of sweating – scared the life out of me when I was a child.

  3. Ah, the holy goat is anywhere to rise it’s ugly head, Mr. Beast. They are closer to nature in the colonies, arn’t they?

    I read in the Royal Dispatcher (vulgo Daily Mail), that he’s attending the ceremony. If something goes wrong, he always can stand in Amanda!

  4. I’ve been curious about seeing this film, but I’ve never had the pleasure. I throughly enjoyed watching Muriel’s Wedding, that’s a camp as classic.

  5. I very much liked “Muriel’s Wedding”, Mitzi, despite female friends had a total different view on it – all the discussions about how to show what and whom and acceptance … nevertheless I think it’s a very good film. There’s always the borderline between “being funny” and “ausgelacht werden” / “being laughed down”.
    I like Mr. Atkinson, especially the Black Adder -Thank God they once had an understanding in the German television upper floors and broadcasted the original, without the delirious translations that spoiled not only other British series but others too: “Married – with children” (not everybodies basket I know, but I loved Al and still do) came in a really subterranean version – they had to turn on the “laughing machine” any two minutes, it was terrible.

  6. I always always will remember the one when santa jumped the airplane and hit their garage …
    Besides – You once saied you would explain this socalled sport to me: I still mean it’s just a brawl without the beer – heck, they even do not have a real ball! Even Petey slowly has an idea, but … well …

  7. Excellent – I knew someone would do this movie (which is why I didn’t). This scene and the best man’s toast are the – best.

    Happy MCW!

  8. You nearly slipped through the cracks but I caught you in the end! I so nearly went with 4W but decided to save it in case I need a safety net for the Hugh Grant floppy fringe theme in a couple of weeks time :) He does look very cute in this film. I particularly love the theory for marriage at the end of this clip – two people who live together and run out of conversation :)

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