Sunday Music

Geeta DUTT (1930-1972) (Ger., Eng.) was a successful singer (more music) in Hindi cinema – from a Western point of view the different parts of the Indian film industry are summarized as “Bollywood” (Ger., Eng.). Geeta DUTT’s life saw early and large success, deep disappointment and finally an early death – a drama worth any Hollywood star. I have no idea what she is singing about here, I simply like her voice.
Let’s hope for a carefree and untroubled week.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It did not knock me out, dear XL.

    I’d like to have some of them special beedi, please. Help against cough and make you feel good, dear Amanda.

    Hello dear Eryl, what is new in Vatican City?

    Glad that you like it, Wanda.

    Cheers, Savannah – I can’t help, I feel optimistic about the coming week!

  2. There is always hope for the new week and new month. Hope yours is great with the only surprises good one.

  3. I love love love Geeta Dutt’s voice. Oh lovely!
    The song will have to wait till I get home, alas, can’t see it here, only a star.
    I hope this one is “ayiye meherbaan” or maybe ‘babuji dheerey chalna” or… you’ve got me singing now. :))
    badhiya hai!

  4. Thank you Joyce – I really wish the snow in your area is melting now!

    You draw my attention to her, Austere, I once asked you about the music you like. I am sorry, it’s not a title you mention – but with this voice she could really sing the telephonbook and it would sound great!

    It’s all about legs, dear MJ

  5. No, no . no mago– THESE ones:

    Tabdeer sey bigdi

    jaaney kya tuney kahi- see guru dutt in this, amazing acting

    babuji dheerey chalna

    jaate kahaan hai deewaney

    waqt ne kiya– see the light here

    The Guru Dutt ones — see the light! he was THE MASTER of light

  6. Thank you Chandrika, I found it very interesting, I liked it, very emotional (of course I understand not a single word), it made me feel, well … “warm”.

    Thank YOU Austere for this collection! The hindi film is a Gesamtkunstwerk I guess. And the light is really Great, very expressive! These films must have been powerplants of imagination for the audience, promises, incredible generators of emotions.

    HA – glad to have brought something nice to you, Boxer!

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