Finally a Cheap Bunny

As you all know bunnies are best after Easter, Nicolaus-es after Christmas. This year I was too late for the golden sitting Lindt with the bell, as seen in the following picture (Yes, I nicked it from you, A.):

So I had to be content with the leftovers and finally fate offered me this beauty:

Hasi’s days were numbered, the following sequence documents its end.


And yes: They are hollow!

17 thoughts on “Finally a Cheap Bunny

  1. You STILL have something left!!? Unbelievable! The Sitting Golden Lindt is not such an easy four bite munch as the nameless ex-Nikolaus in the pictures, but the poor sod would not survive one hour here!

    Not Euro, XL, Cents. I think they were sold for 1,29 € or something on Karsamstag. The chocolate was so- la-la.

  2. Incredible, XL – I would overdose to the last peep!

    It was a bit fast, dear ErylVollmilch … I always wonder why they are so un-even: some parts are so thick that one nearly can’t bite through while other areas are so thin that one can poke a finger in easily. And as I found out in various tests these different areas show up totally random. I’d like to find some marzipan-eggs …

  3. 25 cents is good value, however, I find eating cheap chocolate, like cheap coffee can cause an unscheduled bowel movement. I can’t resist those marzipan fruits.

  4. The chocolate should feel honoured to be biten by Norma Desmond!

    In this case more “bunny” than “yummie”, Wanda.

    Austere, a severe case in the annals of choholics, another Cadbury vitim. Mrs Scarlet would seemingly do anything for cream eggs. I have no idea about Cadbury’s, I simply can not find it in shops here.

    Cheap coffee can cause bad payne in the stomach, and normally I keep my hands off cheap chocolate or chocolate in general. At least I try, Mitzi, I try. But the marzipan eggs … with different fillings like ananas, triffel, nougat or playne plum … Next September, over night, the pure marzipan bars will appear in shops again. I will look down myself and “puff”, all of a sudden my slender hipps will be plumped up. Again.

  5. I noticed that you started by eating the feet so that bunny couldn’t run; then its ears so it couldn’t hear its doom coming; then its head so it couldn’t see the end and finally you left the bum for last. Good thing that the bum was hollow. :)

  6. You could make yourself some marzipan eggs just by breaking off lumps from a block of marzipan. Shape them by rolling in your hands and dip in melted chocolate. Have you tried rolling marzipan out to cookie thickness and baking it in a medium oven for ten minutes: divine!

  7. It is all very well indulging in chocolate for breakfast Mr Mago… But what I really want to know is… Did you back a winner from the form guide?
    Just think of all the homeless bunnies you could purchase with your winnings. Chocolate nirvana!

  8. It’ from the “How to munch bunnies” book, dear LGS, recommendable.

    TEMPTRESS! Apage Ananas!

    Dear Princess – I am sorry – what form guide?

    Damndarkmorning (Thank you, Savannah!) and I’m sipping my coffee, there are still no colours outside. Oh why oh why … hope I’ll be back this afternoon.

  9. Yummy! and so witty!

    and though it is after Easter, when I am soon to Boil up some Eggs, I intend to use the Dye Kit that I failed to use during the holiday (where oh where did I stash it , which is why I did not get to it) …. It has a special pen to write Words … your own magical words …. before you apply the dye!

    I will blog how it turns out.

    I am so glad your day was serene recently…. the woods must have been supreme!

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