Sunday Music

What a beautiful day. Sunshine, warmth, clear sky, no stress. A little travel to  a Burg, where they had a children fest – did you know that one can built a kind of tower from shaving foam? -, a little hike through the woods to find a strange chapel and a great view, and finally a glass of  Weißburgunder with the last sunrays.
The weather people say there will be rain on Tuesday, but what do they know?

A little gentle jazz by Wes MONTGOMERY (Ger., Eng.). I hope the whole week will be as gentle to you as yesterday was to me.




14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. You would like the Trimburg, C.
    Gas prices wen up over the Easter holidays like rockets, they slowly return to the normal level.

    It was a great day, XL – and I’m rechtschaffen müde. Please excuse me while I collapse in a heap now, morgen wieder: Sun and Weißburgunder take their toll.

  2. What a lovely song! And I’m so pleased you had a fantastic day, Mago! Wouldn’t it be nice if every day could be that way?

  3. Without stress and nonsense we could not enjoy a quiet and relaxed day. Is the water receding at your place, Ponita?

    Yes it does, dear Z. I hope the coming days will be without stress. I have a deadline on Friday, but most of the work is done, I should easily have finished my task on Wednesday.

    I hope you had the possibility to enjoy Sunday too, dear Amanda.

  4. Very true, Mago… we need the differences to know when one day is better than another. And no, the water will not recede for weeks yet. The river crested in the city just the other day, but the levels are high. Outside the city, there is water covering thousands of acres of land. It will take a long time to dry up… they are predicting water levels will not be back to normal until probably June sometime. It’s been bad this year. I am fine though… Winnipeg is mostly fine. So no worries!

  5. I have no idea what kind of agriculture is done there, but this means a bad harvest, Ponita. Prices will go up, maybe even on a global scale. The fires in Russia last year, the floods in Australia some months ago, now flooding through Northern America.

    I hope drawing went well over the days, dear Wanda.

    He has a mighty thumb, Chickory.

    Heiliger Hammer, Hermann Prey stomps over the moor … I am sure you make a bella figura in a Dirndl, dear Mitzi – just make sure to show some leg!

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