Obviously blogger has some problems. Since yesterday I can not comment on blogger blogs, because “blogger is not available”, and I noticed that new posts are missing from various blogs, they vanished over night.


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  1. Z says:

    We’ll be back! I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on the week’s paperwork. Sadly, I did write a post last night anyway and saved it in Word, in case I’d be able to publish it this morning!

    My main reason for not investigating WordPress is the daft three-stage process for subscribing to comments on a post, which means I rarely bother to.

  2. I see new posts in your “What’s going on”-sidebar, Scarlet, but they do not come up. Maybe someone messed up some servers …

    Ah yes, this veryfying progress. But there are variations, it depends on what the blogger-blogger wants.

  3. Amanda says:

    According to Blogger:

    To get Blogger back to normal all posts since 7:37am PT on Wed 5/11 have been temp removed. We expect everything to be back to normal soon

  4. MJ says:

    I had no idea what was going on when I checked my blog this morning and my latest post was missing.

    Thanks for posting this information, Mago.

    Oh Hai, everybody! I miss you!

  5. what a massive pain in the arse! I thought my comments were missing a la MJ, but then read the Blogger updates.

    thank goodness for WordPress, eh?

    Have a great weekend. I have a post being held captive by Blogger.

  6. Thank you Amanda – since Wednesday. MAybe Friday 13th is lucky for blogger …

    Good to see you again, Savannah – I hope things will be nice and easy at The Plantation so that you can hang around the blogs again!

    Yes, triggers nice memories, dear Mistress

    I will have a look asap, dear Scarlet, and no – your avatar is here – I see you.

    WordPress is from Texas, dear Boxer, all honourable cowboys!

  7. Commenting works again. Nice reminder that all our social converse here depends on some machines and electrons … will we have to go back to postcards once?

  8. xl says:

    Ja, Blogger ist krank!

    Several comments were missing from my latest post. Once Blogger returned today, I manually inserted the missing comments from the e-mail copies. Waiting to see if the missing ones are restored by Blogger…

  9. Joyce says:

    I guess the lesson to be learned is –Don’t depend on a machine or technology. They can mess up a well planed item. I am finding a great deal of things I can’t depend on. What a bummer!!

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