For Raine




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  1. Mitzi says:

    I was thinking about death the other day and how I would like my funeral. I want a sombre affair with everyone dressed in black, my coffin to be dragged by a horse drawn hearse with lots of wailing cause they’re the best ones. During the service I’ll be sat propped up in an open top coffin with the top of my head cut off like in the film Hannibal, but with the brain scooped out and the cavity filled with cottage cheese, guests will be encouraged to tuck in whilst Bjork’s sings Gloomy Sunday. It’s going to be exquisite.

  2. I also want the horse drawn hearse… and the horses must be glossy black stallions and have enormous black feather plumes on their heads. And I want a sort of New Orleans vibe going on with lots of saxophone playing.

  3. Hard times.
    It’s a hard road to travel. But travel it we must.
    At least there are friends to share the journey with,
    to laugh and cry with us.

  4. I am so sorry for Raine. We all do have to face death – that is a certainty. I hope that Raine and her mother will have peace at this time. You are truly a great friend for putting up this post for her.

  5. Bj√∂rg singing Gloomy Sunday – that alone should brake death’s sting, dear Mitzi. This dreadful babycake was a first try in this direction …

    You develop a feather fetish, dear Scarlet

    Yes. So let’s simply not die, XL.

    And dressing gowns, dear Roses

    I have no idea whether I qualify as great friend, LGS. A train of thoughts and memories finally let to this song.
    But I’ll bring Sunday Music asap.

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