Sunday Music

This day was full of beauty in Franconia. Clear air, clear colours and wind.

In February 1953 the gentlemen MULLIGAN (Ger., Eng.), BAKER (Ger., Eng.), SMITH and BUNKER recorded a little piece called “Cherry”, a standard by Don REDMAN (Ger., Eng.).
I saw the first green Knubbles at cherry trees today, in a few weeks we will be able to collect cherries.

Have a good week!




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Morning … them ladies singing last night was pretty nice, but when they stopped the birds took over … what a night … When they had finished the Merlot they even attacked my Silvaner, thier heads must be buzzing …

    A Knubbel, XL, is something small, round and hard, maybe there is an ethymological relation to “knot”, “knob”.
    Grimm, Wörterbuch, vol. XI, Sp. 1513 knows “Knubbe” and says it means “Knospe”, ein “knorriges Stück”, auch “ein knotiges Geschwulst [unter der Haut]”, finally “altes derbes Stück”. Dansk knub, Swed/Norge knubb, Eng. knob, auch related to “Knopf”. I did not find pictures of what I mean: There are either cherry blossoms or red cherries. What we have here are the early stages of the development when one can see the green Knubbel that later will be come the cherry fruit.

  2. Around the village old fruit-bearing trees are still standing. Earlier this location was known for cherry growing, a living area is called “Kirschberg”.
    Kirschtorte, Kirschkuchen, Kirschmarmelade, Kirschgeist … mon cherie! There’s even a Mon-cherie-Kuchen.

  3. Mmmmm! Kirsch torte!! And double mmmmmmmmm! for that Mon-Cherie Kuchen! Translated the recipe and it sounds (and looks) scrumptious…. oh god, I think I just drooled on myself.

    The company on the balcony was fab, dahling. We must do that again soon. mwuah!

  4. Next time we use the balcony here in humid summer – as you like it, Ponita.

    Thank you for the reminder, Rog – as soon as I’ll have my paypal-thingy brought back to life!

  5. I think it is something with the major companies: LGS is in Asia, I am writing from Germany, you are in the US. Very often I can not see videos on youtube that are linked from Princess in Australia and from Scarlet in England. I can see or recognize no pattern. Most of the vids f.e. XL links, from another part of the US, do work here. For me it seems to be absolutely random. I am sorry that you can not here the gents perform, Melanie.

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