Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Last week I felt a bit like under a grey-blues cloud. Today I finally managed to drag my bonesack around the hill for a brisk walk and indeed I feel better. Maybe there is a small bit of truth in the mens sana in corpore sano-idea. At least the fear of declining health and the realization that my belly needs to be reduced asap kicked in. I needed more than 75 minutes for an excercise I already have been able to complete in less than 60 minutes. To fetch some beer from the supermarket seemingly does not count as sport and Müsliriegel (pic) is no meal.
While Armageddon was postponed (Again!) we have to get on with all this nonsense here we call life on earth. So we can make the best of ourselves. A good side-effect of the doomsday-cancellation is that I now have a chance to wear my necomimi (video) when they finally will make it to Europe later this year.

Until then one can listen to a very fine short tune by Kenny BURRELL (Ger., Eng.).

Enjoy, and have a good week!




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  1. The image was one of the first that popped up in the google image search, I am not sure what kind of muesli bar it shows, but it is similar to those I had … dangerous poison!

  2. I can relate to this, both the blue-gray feeling and the desire to shed a pound or 50. Well, I don’t know how much you want to shed and that’s none of my damn business, but for me it’s a pound or 50. This starving crap isn’t the way to do it, though, and I’m damn tired of it!

  3. Confuse them, XL!

    They’ll be waving all the time, dear Princess. One wonders what else device could be controlled by brain waves?

    Starving is no good, Fayce, the jo-jo-effect is programmed. I try the simple old eat-the-half-and move-regularily in combination with no sugar, no fat, no alcohol. But I heared that Silvaner is good for the heart …

  4. My tag line on my blog used to be “shadow boxing for my sanity” and I was serious. Working out is a huge help and as we get older… it becomes more important and yet, most people let it go. We shouldn’t. Especially now that it looks like we’ll all be around. Happy Sunday and Happy Sunday Music . I hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. As I am just about to get back onto the exercise bandwagon, we will have to encourage each other.

    Good luck with that sweetie. And have a great and fun week. xxxx

  6. I’m not sure how relaxing it would be to read with flapping necomimi on my head. I’m also a little wary of allowing others access to my mental state, though I’d be delighted if everyone else wore them.

    I begun a new blog post last night but was too tired to finish it. Should be back tomorrow, though, went for a day trip to the English Lakes today and have some photos to wade through. Maybe one or two are good enough to share.

    Good week to you.

  7. I am So Glad we are all still here too!

    Sunday Music – I love that you post such.

    and I read your Hard Labour over at LGS….. I am sure that a flat stomach is so desirable a thing anymore!

    Get rested! Stay well!

    A Day Trip – the photos – looking forward to it.

  8. I like to watch boxinf, dear Boxer, especially the lightweights. Lifting up those gloves alone would me make sweat!

    I’m just back from my today’s walk, Roses – I hope you were able to move to the work-out CD this morning? Or will you do it later in the afternoon?

    Dear Eryl, I am glad to hear from you! No worries, you post when it’s ready – and I am very curious for your photographs!
    You describe an interesting sictuation – I think its something basical and fits for a lot of situations in our lives: We ware curious about others and do not want to show too much of our own. Ready to peep but not to be peeped on.

    Maybe its my midlife vanity, Kat

  9. I did my workout this morning before I ran around to get ready to go to work. I’m blaming my current level of bleugh on the lack of sleep last night because I knew I had to get up early this morning and kept waking up to look at the clock.


  10. MJ, I had that problem this morning but I found the problem went away if I signed into my dashboard first. It took me three attempts to comment at Eryl’s.

  11. The actual date for the world to end, ‘HE’ says, I hear, is Oct 21 – the other day was supposedly just to begin the months of tribulations before its end.

    – Hey, the world has never known a period without tribulations! …. so how is one supposed to tell? …. 🙂 when the real deal comes along?

    – 🙂 …. ‘HE’ thinks he knows!

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