2nd Chance

As I learned here Mr. Harold Camping came to the conclusion that the end of the world will come on October 21st – this time for reals. Kim Ayres linked – in a comment at Savannah‘s – to this nice list of doomsdays from 44 until 2011. I am not sure whether it is entirely complete. The Smithsonian Magazine had a story about doomsdays, expectations of the apocalypse, two years ago, still worth a look.
The Bamberger Apokalypse (Ger., Eng.) (images) was listed as Documentary Heritage by the UNESCO in 2004. I wonder whether in another five hundred years Harold’s billboards will be kept in a museum? I doubt.
As desirable the whole fire-brimstone-kill-them-a*holes-thing sometimes seems, it’s just another promise broken. I go and play lotto now, it’s more honest.


17 thoughts on “2nd Chance

  1. i sent off the mortgage payment at 18h00 on saturday. yep, made a special trip to the post office and dropped it in the mailbox! *sigh* i was not pleased! xoxoxoxo

    (come over, i’ve posted a MEME!!!) ;~D

  2. Ponita says:

    They’re all delusional. I ignore them.

    Besides, being a non-believer means I’ll never get raptured anyway, so what do I care!?!? I’ll just get to play with all the stuff they leave behind. 😉

  3. They’ve got meds for Mr. Campings problem. I believe the appropriate psychological term is “delusions of granduer”. I’ve got other things to worry about then when the human race will or will not be cataclysmically killed.


  4. I am sorry people – the lotto win did not happen last night.

    I figured out, that next Saturday evening is the next most likely date. Some of my calculations obviously went wrong, but nevertheless, the winning has started.

  5. I was pleased the end of the world did not happen as planned, though I was prepared, with a new dress and everything.

    I did my yearly lotto 6 weeks ago, surprisingly enough, I didn’t win. *sigh*

    Damn, gotta keep workin for a living.

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