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I should be busy, writing a kind of report. The material is researched and collected, I have copies here on my desk, I have collected urls and – most important – I know what I have to link via the library catalogue. So the boring part is here: Piece it together, describe and write down the different steps and partial results, then summa summarum finish it all up. I expect it to become a 20 to 25 page “article”.
There is no real deadline, only a vague promise of pay, and the interesting part – the research – is over.
So I find myself  trawling the net and listening to strange sounds. Besides typical sound libraries like this one, Lautarchive can be found too, f.e. the Berliner Lautarchiv. See here what the BL has from them. Findsounds seems to be the largest search tool for sounds nowadays, the older ones I had bookmarked are not working anymore. And there is always British Pathe … the German Wochenschau-Archiv (Ger., Eng.) is under construction, while the Filmarchiv is running. The Network of Multimedia Resources can be a starting point for excursions in the world of old and new media, while filmarchives is specialised on european film archives, for historical sounds and other materials one turns to Clio’s lists.

Übersprungshandlung  (Ger., Eng.) is translated with “replacement activity” . A bit less friendly one could call it procrastination or simple: laziness.


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  1. As far as I’m concerned procrastination is just a way of leaving your mind (unconscious, subconscious, whatever) to disentangle all the information you’ve been feeding it, and not laziness at all. It’s not unlike, now I think about it, leaving your guts to digest lunch: no point going and sitting on the loo straight away. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Princess says:

    Something smells rotten in the state of Franconia…
    Oh it’s only you MJ… Been pressing those buttons again?
    Hai XL…. Eryl…
    Procrastination is my favourite past time Mr Mags aside from the occasional good fart!
    The main thing is that you have most of the work done… You can always call on Miss Roses for some anti-procrastination advice…

  3. Hmbmbl … sorry had to doff the gasmask … yeah, dear Princess, Roses would happily give me a good kick …

    The problem is that I do not know gossip columns online, Boxer, except the Daily Mail’s women section of course. But before I use F*c*book hell freezes over.

  4. Joyce says:

    I’m guilty of not letting myself getting bored by going to bed and sleeping.
    When I awake I get all things done right away in the first hour or put it off and finish it after another sleep.

  5. That means extreme “get up and go” in the morning, Joyce. I am sorry, I am not able to do this.

    Good to learn that at least on one day a week you slow down a bit, dear Roses!

  6. I did try metal embossong this weekend. Very thin metal, easy to manipulate. It was fun and I enjoyed the simplicity of it. Unfortunately, work one spot too much and it tears easily. Would like to try real metal working someday (blow torch and saudering) but classes and materials are expensive for a simple hobby you may not stick with.

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