Another Day

A short and educational post, educational for all the kids who have no idea why this old fat bloke Ozzy Osram (Ger., Eng.) is met with reverence.
A tough thing for you kiddies: He once was young. And powerful. And he did not like war (text).




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  1. Paranoid was a in a way the “big bang” of heavy metal. I heared someone talk about that kind of music – “Metallica, ey, real old stuff, 80s, who would have thought?” Oh Lord …

    I hope your workout went fine, dear Roses, I go for mine asap.

  2. Late one night when we were painting seperate bedrooms after we bought the house my husband put in a Black Sabbith cd with a song that starts with an air raid drill. Per my trained reflexes I hit the deck and rolled into the closet as it was my only “cover”. Heart pounding, then song starts and I realize where I am and whats going on, nothing. I yelled at him. Never play that without warning me first!

    He better hope I don’t have a trigger word programmed in me to kill people, like “cleaning lady” (Steve Martin, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid).


    What do you think about Germany going off the nuke juice by 2022?

  3. Metal Monday? I ‘m afraid I don’t know enough music of this sort, MJ. I’ll stick with Sunday Music and will put up whatever comes a way …

    2022 is another bow towards the nuclear industry, Melanie – 2017 is absolutely possible according to a study the secretary of environmental affairs keeps locked in his drawer. Someone leaked it to the press. At least one of the big energy companies (e.on) is gonna sue – they say they have the right of compensasion. IMHO they have the righ to eat their fucking plutonium and drop dead. These damn power plants should have been switched off after Harrisburg. The radioactive garbage amounts and amounts and all the bla over the last thirty years about a final storage area (Endlager) is falsyfied, falls apart piece by piece: Nobody has a clue what has to happen with that shit. A part of it is shipped to Russia by train. The Russians saied they’d have a recycling thing working – in the end the garbage loaden train waggons stands somewhere in Siberia and rot away, together with the Russian garbage.
    I only believe that they switch off the German Atomkraftwerke when I see it: Ten years, I have a chance to witness this. Kampf dem Atomstaat!

    Killer Gherkins, tomatos and green salad: The farmers in Northern Germany can sell nothing, they have to destroy all the harvest, XL. The first news was that the bazillus would have been found on Spanish gherkins. This is prooved wrong now, and the Spanish are very annoyed, not to say really bad pissed off about how things were handled here. 15 dead now – yesterday it were 12.
    The germ is damn strong, resistant and normal antibiotica are useless. And the source of all this is still unknown and seemingly still active -! This evening I had a large tomato-salad made from Franconian tomatos, best tomatos in the world. Gherkins are surely carrier of the germ, but nobody knows something for sure. Center of the epidemy is Hamburg.

  4. I see. I thought the timeline for shutting down the nuke plants was unreasonable, but not so? Maybe the German government and utilities are more efficeint than the U.S.
    The husband does not allow firearms in the house, besides, I’ve always been one for the pointy objects. It would not help to hide the knives though. I am personally registered as a deadly weapon. It was required as part of my additional training. It does not expire like the norm. If cop runs my driver’s license through the computer system it will tell him/her this. Makes them in a hurry to leave my presence.


  5. No, the timetable is not unreasonable, Melanie: In fact we already had had a road-map here in Germany for stepping out of the atomic energy production. It was skipped by the gouvernement not long ago because the big companies made pressure: It was an excellent piece of lobbying. And it was a possibility to deal with these co2-certificates, plus the gouvernement introduced a tax on the nuclear rods (Brennelemente). So they all could earn money and to hell with the former aggreement. The public outcry was loud and the gouvernement’s credibility went down towards zero. But they accepted this for the money.
    After Fukushima – which is far from over and other power plants are still troubled or become more un-managable – Merkel and her gang turned around again.
    You must see that we have a lot of old power plants that already are near the end of their productive time, a lot of these installations are not meant to be active for more than 10 years. And if they’d deceide to built new ones, a nice little civil war would break out and the conservatice parties could forget to reign here for the next twenty years.
    So it is more or less in-evitable to close these garbage producers. The only question is when and at what costs. The now discussed ten years are a very gentle bow towards the industry, even parts of the conservative parties are not happy with this, it IS possible in a shorter time. The German utilities are in no way more effective than the Americans’ – it is just a combination of factors and the possibility to get out of the atomic energy production.

    The German big Four export the technics of them power plants, they sell and built them in other countries. Our neighbours to the East have no (working) nuke plants; Russia has a big plan to built 30 of them new; France has built them all near the German and Belgian borders, loves atomic energy and produces roughly 30% of her energy need this way. They sent their garbage to Russia too. Or dump it wherever.

  6. Kahless – what a joy to see you again: I hope you do feel better!
    A nice expression – but I’m stuck with ACDC, Motörhead and maybe some other seventies noise. The 80s bands like Slayer, Metallica, Menowar (can’t hear that drone!) etcetc. are not my cup of tea.
    Hey, I hope you will post something again?

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