Movie Clip Wednesday

“Best Flood Scene” Joanna Cake saied. Joanna Cake is hosting  “Movie Clip Wednesday” now, after it was started by A.Boxer, and later taken over by Milk River Madman.
I immediately thought about the fog flooding into the small town of Antonio Bay, in Carpenter’s (Ger., Eng.) The Fog (1980) (Ger., Eng.). I did not find the scene, so here is the English trailer.
Dear Princess shows some very interesting entries.




13 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Princess says:

    Nice take on the Theme Mr Mags… Fog rolling in like a flood! I hope to stay away from foggy areas between midnight and one AM.
    And thankyou for linking to my place. It is very considerate of you.
    Happy MCW…

  2. With Jamie Lee Curtis, queen of screams. I saw it shortly after its release, Ponita. I do not understand why every 25 years a remake must be produced.

    Yes, I think I remember a scene with rolling fog, a wave of fog, dear Princess. I have never heared about the “ark” you dug up, an interesting find!

  3. Good afternoon Mago,
    I’m pleased to see you joining us this week. As with your music choices, you always come up with something interesting. I’ve not seen this film, yet it has quite a cast. I looked it up thinking that it may have been based on Stephen King’s short story The Fog, but the two are different. That line ” the queen of screens” is good for a grin.
    Enjoy your clip day.

  4. I do not remember how it ends, Ms Scarlet. But the film did impress my innocent self back then mightily. I enjoy walking through fog. Everything sounds different.

    Hey Karl – it was the first thing that popped up before my inner eye when I read the theme. Followed by “Poseidon”, the “Schimmelreiter” – a story about a Deichgraf -, and pictures of the big flood we had in Germany in the 1960s. I have no idea how the brain / memory works. “Queen of scream(s)” is not my invention, Jamie Lee seriously earned this title!

  5. Nononononooooooo, I cant watch horror movies, even the trailers. They give me the eebiejeebies! Sorry 🙂 Clearly, from the appreciative comments above, I am in a minority and this is my problem 😛 Thanks for playing x

  6. In my case taking off the glasses has the same effect, Ms Scarlet

    I am very sorry, Joanna, I did not want to scare you! I am not really into horror movies, saw just a handful – of the more artsy sort I guess (Wolfen anyone?) – and generally prefer the b/w classics, like talkies of the thirties and the expressionistic flics of the 20s. No gut splattering nonsene here, only civilized horror, if any.

  7. Buzz Kill says:

    A fog flood is a great take on the theme. I actually considered doing the engine room radiation flooding scene from Wrath of Kahn (for Joanna) but thought that would be too much kissing up. Did Adrienne Barbeau say”stay away from the door – don’t listen to me”? Sure sounded like it but then I started staring at her rack and forgot all about it. I saw this movie in a drive-in theater back in the early 80s. It was OK but Halloween is a much better Carpenter film.

    Happy MCW!

  8. Kissing up Joanna Cake could be an interesting experience, Buzz Kill.

    Hello and welcome, Aunty Belle, thank you for your first comment here.
    A young Mel Gibson … ten thousand benders ago …

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