Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Monday edition.

The Thrift Store Allstars at Pappy and Harriets in Pioneertown, somewhere in California, May 2008.



A regular of the band is Victoria WILLIAMS (Ger., Eng.). “The Thriftstore Allstars play what their MySpace page calls “loose drunken square dance country gone electric fantasmo.”


10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. MJ says:

    “loose drunken square dance country gone electric fantasmo.”

    In other words, our friend Ms. First Nations on a typical Saturday night.

    …wearing your tie.

  2. FirstNations says:

    I can safely say that I have NEVER been that drunk. Country?? PLEASE. I do not sully my earholes thus.

    Now click on this and revel in the best funk song ever penned, you funky funky Franconian you:

  3. First Nations, dearest, I am very glad that The Infomaniac Thrift Shop Auction brought you back, out of the woods, into broad daylight, twinkletwinklelittlestar – hach!
    BTW the Basteds of Gema do not allow me to see the video and hear this music in Germoney, so I follow my imagination and hum …

    There are a few other videos of The Thrift Store Allstars Boxer … somewhere in California a hippie time capsule must have survived!

    HA, they are not bleeding, Mitzi – a good sign!

  4. “loose drunken square dance country gone electric fantasmo.”
    I have no idea what that means but after hearing the music, I have no better words to describe it. Thank you for widening my musical exposure.

  5. Well saied, LGS, and no need to thank me. Be assured that I will try to find other unknwon treasures. “Musical exposure” somehow is connotated with “exposure to radiation” for me … but anyway: They do radiate, The Thrift Store Allstars!

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