Sunday Music

Hélène GRIMAUD (Ger., Eng.), Thomas QUASTHOFF (Ger., Eng.)

SCHUMANN (Ger., Eng.):  “Hör’ ich das Liedchen klingen”, Dichterliebe (Ger., Eng.)

Verbier Festival 2007.

Less than three minutes of sheer beauty. Enjoy and have a good week.




13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Mago, so you are into history! Very cool! Fascinating to me – the life and times of peoples, nations, cultures everywhere and at all times. It is an embarrassing fact that I, like most Americans, do not speak another language! …. and my Mom is Brazilian, making it even more so!

  2. [Off topic. Es tut mir leid.]

    I have been enjoying the vuvuzela-free Women’s World Cup soccer matches from Germany on TV! I especially enjoyed seeing the Berlin Olympic Stadium since I had been there.

  3. Phew…what a relief!

    Just before you click “play” he looks like William Shatner.

    I thought we were going to hear his version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

  4. Stopping by to say “Hello”. Am trapped in the sludge of reality at the present. Many things need tending too… Lots of things on the mind, were they physical objects I would not be able to lift my head.

  5. Please excuse me for not answering each comment individually this time. Frankly, this week was crap. I(t) started low, lost momentum, took a nosedive and finally hit the ditch this Friday. Thank God for weekend.

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