Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The week whizzed by, and it ends, very fittingly, in grey cold wetness, no trace of summer left. One better grabs the rainjacket before going outside. I blundered something pretty well and tomorrow I have to fix it in the damndarkmorning (© Savannah). Ah yes, it always can get worse.

Evangelos PAPADIMITRIS plays a fine Melody from GLUCK’s (Ger., Eng.) Orfeo ed Euridice (Ger., Eng.). PAPADIMITRIS has no website of his own and is not in Wikipedia. Seemingly from Albania he is or was a member of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (TSSO) and is member of the jury in this year’s LIPIZER competition.
For additional information about GLUCK, and an overview of other interpretations, go here.




16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    Thank you Mr Mago
    It has been a rather hectic 24 hours for me and this is just the ticket to help me unwind. I may need a consultation with you on the properties of Lederhosen. But that can wait for another day.
    Now I relax to Mr Gluck’s musique….

  2. Sending some sunshine for you from here. Mind you, it’s not a lot to send, because it’s suddenly gone overcast.

    Hope the blunder is easily fixable. Have a great week my darling.


  3. Ponita says:

    The fruit concoction looks delicious! The music is soothing… love it! Hopefully the blunder is not drastic or the effects lingering. Wishing you sunny skies and warm summer weather again very soon. We often have an abundance of sunshine here, so I will get some sent your way.

  4. Relax, dear Princess, I commented on Lederhosen over at yours.

    Highly appreciated, Mistress MJ!

    Thank you, dear Roses. The blunder meanwhile …

    Thank you, dear Ponita. Another load of sunshine!

    40°C is a little bit much, XL … I read somewhere that Texas is suffering from extreme dryness these days. Let’s hope that the coming fireworks will not lead to additional fires.
    Eine gute Woche – danke, das wünsch’ ich Dir auch!

  5. Mitzi says:

    It’s warm and humid here and I’m sweating like a pig. I can’t even have the windows open because the moths fly in. I would love a bit of your cold weather. Carmen’s just come back from the all-night garage with bags full of lemonade and other nice things to add to gin. The fruit salad looks mouth watering.

  6. Joyce says:

    Danke Mago. Friday I had a day that I don’t w ant to deal with again. But we have had beautiful days and my house is staying cool. I see that I have two ripe small yellow tomatoes on the plants on my porch. My first produce of the year. Hope this week goes better for you and me. All things should be okay for me by next Sunday.

  7. You are living in a dangerous neighbourhood, Mitzi

    I’m sorry to hear that trouble found you, dear Joyce! Whatever it is, that is nudging you, I hope it’s gone or solved throughout this week. Two tomatos is a good start I think. Take care.

    Isn’t it great, Norma Desmond? I’m sure he worked on this with gusto: A compromise between the artist’s leonine mane (slightly reduced) and the thinker’s egg head (slightly covered) – a master piece!

    Thank you, dear Roses, very kind of you while you have your own shoveling duties! Phone calls are already made and delivered, things are under way, I must go out now.

  8. MJ once sent some Yorkshiremen to a place called Penistone.

    Yes, Boxer, summer returned. There will be thunder and lightning in the afternoon.

    No need to worry, especially not about me Roses. Thank you!

    It was nicely fitting on Sunday, Ms Scarlet.

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