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“Best bespectacled Hero” Joanna Cake saied, the host of Movie Clip Wednesday. Well, that’s easy: William of Baskerville (Eng.), the Franciscan friar. The following excerpt from the 1986 documentary suffers a bit from bad lightning – but what do you expect from the year 1327, its dark ages after all! – and for those ready to skip the creeping in the dark, skip the first three minutes. They only babble about books anyway. William is a bit myopic and should keep his glasses clean, just rubbing it on the cowl’s sleeves …, TA, but again – it’s 1327, what do you expect?



9 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Jeez–it is Wednesday already, isn’t it? When did that happen?
    Wednesdays are very long days for me and very busy. My lack of sleep tonight is going to leave me feeling like hammered crap tomorrow.

  2. if I was a monk – id definitely be a benedictine. arent they the ones who paint the illuminated manuscripts? or maybe a franciscan order. then i could wrangle poultry for Jesus.

  3. They had a nice scriptorium in Monte Cassino, St.Benedictus told them to pray and work (ora et labora), but it peaked in the 11th century. The Grand Chartreuse also has some fascination. Writing manuscripts was their genuin job, and is still today. The poor beggars of Francesco and Dominicus could not afford decent books, let them argue with the chickens. For whom the brothers of St.Bruno are too silent and eremitic can always look at the followers of St.Augustinus; a bit more comfy, especially for the Chorherren

  4. A spectaculum, dear Joanna.

    Maybe an illustrated version of the old testament, XL.

    That’s the one I totally forgot, but the burning library tower “Save the books! Save the books!” I can’t, MsScarlet.

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