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“NewYork, NewYork” Joanna Cake saied. New York, concrete mountains in the new world, and in the middle of it, the once tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building (view from it 1933).
Alois Franz TRENKER (1892-1990) (Ger., Eng., obit.) was  a man of many talents. Born in Southern Tirol he started to study architecture before the war. He graduated 1924 and opened a bureau in Bozen (Ger., Eng.). He had first contacts to the film industry in the beginning 20s, moved later (1927, until 1940) to Berlin. He gave his debut as film director 1928 with Kampf ums Matterhorn. He cultivated the genre of the Bergfilm, mountain drama, generally formed around a heroic outdoorsman, Naturbursche.
After the war TRENKER was rehabilitated pretty fast, other as RIEFENSTAHL; he then gave the unpolitical, slightly goofy, harmless, naturverbundenen Märchenonkel. His films of the 1950s and 60s followed this pattern – man on mountain, woman in valley, preferably in the kitchen, happy end. His flirtation with the ns was more or less serious, but it is also notable that after 1940 he had lost the favour of Goebbels & Co. The reason was the so called “Option” (Ger., Eng.) in Southern Tyrolia – a difficult and payneful story that divided families, and only some years ago the province of Südtirol (Ger., Eng.) gained independence from the Italian State, within a European setting.
TRENKER did really modern films, used camera, light and all tools in a modern way. He made two American films: Der verlorene Sohn (1934) and Der Kaiser von Kalifornien (1936). And because Luis is Luis, scrambling on some studio thingies is no way to make a film, he went to America and filmed it there. The great Roberto ROSSELLINI (Ger., Eng.) admitted that the scene when the hungry immigrant walks through NewYork searching for something to eat and a place to sleep, influenced him a lot: TRENKER made neorealismo (Ger., Eng.) avant la lettre. (Research project about TRENKER; about “America” in Der verlorene Sohn; pictures.)
Der Berg ruft!






12 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. For some reason, most movies about New York have Navy sailors in them. I’ve been there maybe 5 times in my life and I’ve never seen them.

    Happy MCW!

  2. Hectic busy town way back when. Much too much for me. I’m not into skyscrapers. Now when I see pictures of New York its full of cabs and trucks. The buildings have large size ads on them.

  3. I would very much like to stand in the highest floor and look out from the window in the sharp angle!

    I think it’s littered by sailors kissing women in the streets, Buzz!

    He drove away in his VW, Scarlet

    I would like to live there for maybe a year, Joyce.

  4. I must admit that Im not very good on skyscrapers. They look so beautiful – and I particularly enjoyed the way the mountain became the buildings of New York – but I get vertigo. And I have always been afraid of how I would get down if there was a fire – even pre 9/11

    Unusual and very fitting clips :)

  5. this page is like a mini film school. i love it and registered for next semester as well. the images are like art now -the new movies are too slick. NY is a wonderful city. but i never mind flying away.

  6. Glad you liked them, despite the skyscrapers, Joanna.

    I’d like to be there for some time, but would happily go away – on a train or a car, no airoplanes for me, Chickory!

    Sorry, Norma:
    “63mago at” should do the trick. I always thought there’d be an email button.

  7. Good afternoon Mago,

    I love the way the fella can walk right up to the edge and look over. You can’t do that today. You have to look through chain link fencing and Plexiglas to see off the top of the building now.

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