Sunday Music

This song by Nick LOWE (Ger., Eng.) is self-explanatory.

The coming week can only be better.
Take care.




7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Great song at the right time. Thanks Mago. I do hope this coming week is better. This world is run amok and needs to do some understanding on so many items. Have a great week.
    God Bless.
    Oh, I love the green!

  2. I listened to this before retiring to bed last night. I had to take some time to process a response. In a world where Cyclones devastate further what remains of the rubble from Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear meltdowns. Bombings and Slaughter on grand scales world wide and again the horn of Africa plummets into starvation. Our headlines are filled with the media opining on the fallout for share holders as a result of a news companies self induced scandal. What is the priority?
    Enough money spent on arms to feed the whole of Africa let alone Somalia and now Oil barons fighting over who will get to plunder the riches of Greenland, thankful and proud of their contribution to warming the planet. These thoughts are just the tip of my rapidly melting iceberg. I get disillusioned, yet hope remains for change. Change that will continue to expose the real motives behind the bullshit we are fed my the mass media. Not in reporting of the news as infotainment for the masses, but true representation of all the facts.
    Call me a super optimist but I continue to tell myself that this week will be better.
    I hope that your week goes well too Mr Mags..

  3. There have been several mass shootings -locally (Kent,WA, Auburn,WA), nationally (Grand Prairie,Tx) and internationally (Olslo,Norway) in the last week. Its like telepathic fuses are being triggered by something.

    I cannot understand any other reason to kill, but to protect one’s self or loved ones (imminent threat).

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