Sunday Music

Sunday Music

This week was pretty strange. I could not point with the finger to one thing alone – it’s more the sum of it all. In the first part of the week I could not move for some time, or find an acceptable position for my body, sleeping was difficult. Let me thank you all for the well wishes again. In the second part I noticed that the light on the afternoons had changed, we have dramatic skies with lively clouds – and rain in the evening regularly (!).
I feel a bit unsicher – insecure? wobbly? I wrote some letters over the last weeks and still received no answers. I need to do some customer acquisition, they seem to hide in the woods these days …

William BOYCE (Ger., Eng.) (1711-1779) wrote the music for Edward MOORE’s (Eng.) play “Salomon” 1742/1743. It was not a particular success, except for the following song “Softly Rise, O Southern Breeze”, that remained popular through the second half of the 18th century.

I hope you enjoy it. Have a good week, and take care for your back.




10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m so sorry your back is so poorly.

    If it’s any consolation (which means none at all), whenever I feel ill or am in pain, I always get a bit wobbly emotionally as well. The Lonely always gets worse.

    So have some virtual (careful) hugs.

  2. We had a lot of bizarre glitches at work yesterday. I went to work out in the therapy pool before my shift, only to find it had been drained. So I decided I’d have a shower, only to find there was no hot water. I went into the gym to use the elliptical, only to find it wasn’t working. I got on the treadmill but then my right hip cramped up, so I sat on the massage chair for a few minutes and fell asleep. Luckily I woke up in time to rush to the time clock and clock in for my shift. My co-worker said there had been a power outage. Then I received a call from a resident complaining that there was no hot water and it was inexcusable. Great fun!

  3. And I did not know Boyce&Hart before, thank you LX.

    Let’s cover the wobbly bits, Roses

    Dear Z, me and my doctor are working on it!

    Someone pulled the plug, Fayce

    … mbmblverywelcomeMJ

    I hope you finally got some shoes, Boxer!

    Yoga is good, MsScarlet!

    Doc Eisenhart gave me another fix, he started to speculate about a salvo of three, but I gently declined. It’s simply about sitting at this desk, too long, too early after the first injection. I am sorry, meine Lieben, you will have to talk with yourselves the next two days, I must walk, read and lay around, and not sit at this desk!

  4. Joyce says:

    The back is part of the body that can cause so many problems in so many different ways. Please do what you need to so you get back to normal. I managed to hurt my back a few times over the years and now I have to baby it to have a good day. A big hug going out in space to you.

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