… herrgott …

Today I had a glimpse into … I’d not call it “heaven”, but into another reality. I travelled to Middle Franconia – and, imagine: No Rain! Instead: Bright blue sky, warmth, humans to communicate to!
It’s all far from being “set and done”, only a possibility. A forgotten library  is involved, and the need for a catalogue. And best of all: It’s a unique setting, a kind of “institute” or “administrating entity” I would have not imagined to exist in wild dreams (not my wildest dreams, that’s something different) – I need to get my act together, produce an offer that can’t be refused, and thus save meself for the coming ten months. I’ve already helped to offer St.Mary a candle or two in preparation of today’s meeting, but I am sure that another big one might be helpful.
Es wäre zu schön um wahr zu sein.