… herrgott …

Today I had a glimpse into … I’d not call it “heaven”, but into another reality. I travelled to Middle Franconia – and, imagine: No Rain! Instead: Bright blue sky, warmth, humans to communicate to!
It’s all far from being “set and done”, only a possibility. A forgotten library  is involved, and the need for a catalogue. And best of all: It’s a unique setting, a kind of “institute” or “administrating entity” I would have not imagined to exist in wild dreams (not my wildest dreams, that’s something different) – I need to get my act together, produce an offer that can’t be refused, and thus save meself for the coming ten months. I’ve already helped to offer St.Mary a candle or two in preparation of today’s meeting, but I am sure that another big one might be helpful.
Es wäre zu schön um wahr zu sein.


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  1. Cool! I will cross my fingers and toes that your offer is accepted, and I’ll even light a candle for you to whichever saint or god of your choosing. Good luck!!

  2. Thank you, dear Ponita, any chance to bribe the fatum is very well accepted here!

    There will be matches! Or other burning candles to use. Thank you, dear Z!

    For years and years I had and have to deal with under-financed insitutions, that may be libraries, public foundations, official administrating institutions or entities, university institutes too. Today I saw “a chip of the old block”, a totally different attitude, way of doing things, “how it could be done” … and of course it is not nearly located in the “philosophical field”, it’s down to earth, in the best sense of the word, and there is need for “philisophical” Überbau, or better: Basis and historical foundation. Oh GOtt!
    Strangely enough: I am a Protestant (born in Coburg, where Dr.M.Luther hang around), I’m raised in this ubiquitär sense of protestant duty (I only lately learned that to stop doing something because one does not like it, is possible, Z made me think!), but I pray to Maria or even to a Saint, and find some ease doing this. The bishop of Rome may have some things on his side … it is ALL just a promise, isn’t it.

  3. The man I was talking with today, the number two in the chain of command, took over six years ago. He inherited a library – that is: A heap of books that was carried from place to place and nobody now knows anything about it. I saw it today, Eryl. From the previous telling I thought I’d be standing in the middle of a rotting heap, but it is not the case: But it is a fact that the books need to find another place. As I could see it is specialised in “natural science” / “agricultural science” from the early 19th century onwards. No catalogue, no written sources. Within the whole thing are records – I have no idea what kind of records, but I recognize Archivalien when I see them.
    Anyway – all and everything needs to be taken in hand, read and identified, collected and listed. Afterwards we can say what we have here, and what should be done with it.


  4. This sounds like quite a challenge Mr Mago. But one that I am Quite sure you are more than able to accomplish.
    I too have lit a candle… (just because of the atmosphere it creates when reading a good book!)

  5. I also send my best wishes your way!
    It sounds like my kind of work. Maye it will give you some stabilty, some financial stabilty for awhile, even if it is not enough to cover all the bills alone.

    Take care and Good luck!

  6. Thank you, Wanda!

    I’d love to do this, Princess!

    Thank you, LX: With Marlene on my side nothing can go wrong!

    *giggle* Thank You, Savannah. Nochmal?

    If it works, Melanie, it’s a carefree half of a year or even longer.

    I have no idea about Ambi Pur, Mitzi – so yes – set it on fire!

    Right so, Joyce, let’s wait with the bonfire until I have a contract!

  7. You sound so cheerful, and excited as a child at Christmas. Having had a slightly odd day myself, coming back here and reading your responses to comments has brightened things up enormously.

  8. We like a happy Mago, yeah!

    I finished my novel this morning, but now its time for the REAL work, the rewrite/revision. Then query letters and other required pieces for proper submission to Agents. Still I am happy. I feel I am on the path to accomplishing a big goal.


  9. Thank You Savannah *giggle*

    Schönen guten Tag, Naturgesetz, danke für den Kommentar und die guten Wünsche!

    Clicked only two days ago on the balcony in full sun, Ponita. I forgot their official name and tend to address them in more general terms simply as flowers: Blumen, höret – ich spreche zu Euch!

    I feel like the kid who is allowed to peek into the room before the gifts will be presented, Eryl. The more I am aware of the fact, that I am a lousy merchand! (They will receive my offer at the beginning of next week.)

    Genau: Ist die Katze gesund, freut sich der Mensch! :))

    Congratulations Melanie!
    Now its correcting, editing … any small change can help to embetter a text. Worked through three pages of an article this morning for my Hungarian friend – and while this is shortly before printing one can always find something (But this is different, because its translations, always a difficult thing in any respect.)
    I wish you luck! Hope you will be printed soon!

  10. Ha! I laughed out loud when you mentioned that you had finally entered the heaven of a blue sky.
    Hell, sitting in Scotland, I’m still waiting on THAT! But I can imagine the joy…..

  11. PS I’m not crossing my fingers for you or anything; I’m just going to imagine you already have this great new lucrative contract…. the voodoo works better that way!

  12. This sounds wonderful. Wishing you both your wild and wildest dreams. This place sounds almost magical……are you sure it is not one of those enchanted places that appear once every 100 years and then disappears in the mists?

  13. It is a very real, large kind of agricultural school – in fact it is a conglomeration of schools nowadays. A lot of acticity going on there, some thousand students. And as it seems to me, no history of the institution.
    I so hope it will work.

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