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There are names of places that cause a kind of Sehnsucht, “longing” the dictionnaire says, but I think that the sich nach etwas sehnen, sich an einen anderen Platz wünschen, is not entirely translated with this word. Names of such places would be Tang(i)er (Ger., Eng., Reisebericht), Marrake(s)ch (Ger., Eng.), Casablanca (Ger., Eng.),  Byzanz (Ger., Eng., arte), Toledo (Ger., Eng.), Nowgorod (Ger., Eng.), Taklmakhan, Brazzaville (Ger., Eng.) + Kinshasha (Ger., Eng.), Surinam (Ger., Eng.), Buenos Aires (Ger., Eng.), Ballarat (Ger., Eng.), Kallgoorlie (Ger., Eng.), Mindanao (Ger., Eng.), Jakarta (Ger., Eng.), Kuala Lumpur (Ger., Eng.), Andaman (Ger., Eng.), INDIA, Muskat (Ger., Eng.), Mekka (Ger., Eng.), Bagdad (Ger., Eng.) … my  travel around the world. Besides “Andaman” and “Taklamakhan” all names of cities, and one continent.
Arm chair travelling.
Only thing I attended today was writing another application. It’s too hot to walk or run, bills trundled in, they’ll have to wait ’til next week. Mombasa is not on the list above, strange. In fact I was collecting links about LE SAPE when I got distracted by names of locations, Orte der Sehnsucht.

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  1. I clicked on “Send” and now I wait, Eryl. Today I used chilies grown on the balcony and only two small ones spiced up a whole big pan of vegetables – powerful little suckers!

    You have seen Australia! I bearly saw France, and that’s next door neighbour! Ach … if I go traveling in the coming months you know that I won the lottery tomorrow. There would be updates and pics …

  2. I am certainly not saying that you should not come to Kuala Lumpur – you should! But its name may seem very exotic and even possibly romantic to some ……so it is a disappointment for some to learn that it means, “muddy rivermouth”.

  3. I thought it would mean something like another “pearl river” or something along the lines of clouds kissing the water :) Nevertheless, if I am ever in the region I’ll come and visit the megacity!

  4. I would recommend Hiroshima and Kyoto to that list, maybe Okinawa (the sand makes a special sound when you walk on it, Kyushu used to be the place where other Japanses people would go for honeymoon. Also, I love Victoria,B.C. There is the Royal British Museum there, good food and you can walk to everything, it’s lovely.

    A well-written Okinawa Sand “star” story. New food for your dreams, LGS would like this too!:


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