Movie Clip Wednesday

This week’s theme for Movie Clip Wednesday is Love Stories, as Joanna Cake saied. Oh my … I had to think of Takeshi KITANO‘s (Ger., Eng., about) Hana-Bi (Ger., Eng.) (1997). She’s termially ill. He did anything to bring her to this beach. It’s the end of the road. It’s all about love.




11 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. HA, that’s the charme of the Franconian province, Boxer!

    Very stylish in any case, some say nihilistic, anyway a very interesting film. I am sure you can find a dvd of it, Eryl. It was never a great success in terms of money in Japan, recognized as art film yes, but not filling the cassa. KITANO is a serious director and actor, but he became known in Japan as tv personality: From the 80s he produced a chaotic, absurd and sometimes really funny tv show called Takeshi’s Castle – too nuts to be described. Since he suffered a severe motorcycle accident a part of his face is paralyzed, guess which!

    But the beach is beautiful, isn’t it, LGS?

  2. I hope you can find these movies mentioned.

    I am just a few pages from finishing revision #1, there will be two more independent revisions then given to two trusty readers for feedbakc, while they do that I write the dreaded query letter and anything else required. Then one more revision and off to Agents. If I can keep myself on track, then I should be submitting it to angents in a month or two.

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