Retail Therapy?

Money is scant around here at the moment, but I have payed everything now. I think I narrowly escaped the GAU (Größter Anzunehmender Unfall, worst case and beyond, when it’s not only raining dung, but burning dung), that would be, that my lovely provider temporaily holds my internet connection – this indeed would be a very unpleasant state of affairs.
In other news, I spoke to the man on the farm yesterday, we had exchanged emails, and I have a positive impression: They are interested in having me working for them. As usual some budget questions need to be clarified first (and in this case some very practical things too), but they are working on it, he’ll call me soon – and I believe him. If things go well, the coming winter and even half of next year are “home and dry” – in trockenen Tüchern is the German expression. Knock on wood.
Now I’ll go on a spending spree and stock up on “useful items”, whatever the cheap superette holds ready, I want to be a customer – NOW!


21 thoughts on “Retail Therapy?

  1. Princess says:

    Shoe-string budgets are just the norm around the Palais….
    it is quite amazing how one adjusts to frugality. good luck with your bargain hunting Mr Mags….
    Mitzi might have a few pointers… Do you have a local Pound shop?

  2. Happily! Ah the gentle madness of it all …

    Warren Buffet could buy the Middle West, I think he actually does, LX

    Another step closer to the big five, but its still some days to go, Joyce.

    Yes I’m sure, dear Princess, Mitzi knows the cheap way. A “pound shop” – is this similar to the “One Euro Shop”? There is one in the middle of the city, an outlet of a local business company “aimed and attractive for the higher-income-customer”, yeah right, we sell noble garbage …

  3. Your home will be dry, and connected, for a long while to come. I believe it. We say ‘touch wood’ and I have seen people frantically scrabbling to find some to touch in these laminated days.

    What date is your birthday, I need to know so I don’t miss it, us ’61ers must stick together?

  4. Ponita says:

    I know all about budgeting and living on a shoestring, as we say here. We have “Dollar Stores”, which are probably the same as pound shops or one euro shops. Everything cheap… both in price and quality, but sometimes it has to do. I’ve been living on a disability benefit for a while now and scrimping has become the norm. Best of luck with the farmer! I do so hope it works out for you! And yes, when IS your birthday??? I don’t want to miss it either. 🙂

  5. Hello Wanda, you snug in while I pecked my answer together. It was a short spending spree (mostly food). But later in the afternoon I treated meself with a large bowl of icecream – coppa Cointreau, ah bloody luxury! – in the best gelateria in town.

    Luckily I sit at a wooden desk and there’s enough wood in form of book shelves around me, Eryl, so I always can bang my head against it if need be … I am sorry to say it, but I’m a virgo of 63. I hope your believe is right, it would be a nice thing to have things covered for a time.

    Advert -? I am sorry, MsScarlet … I have not made any connection to advertisments here. I know that on blogger there is a possibility to have a space for ads and for every click a zillion of a penny is good on the blogger account. WordPress says somewhere that they randomly show adverts on blogs – I saw this on my blog here one or two times above the comment section, really not more often. Please do not feel obliged to click on this to do something good for me – I really have no connection to this.
    BTW what is advertised? I mean, it would be interesting to see what the almighty capitalistic algorhythm connects with my blog?

    I live by a small budget since – well … it always was the case I think. I never was rich. Thinks had always be kept together. I have to think about this a bit and will write about, Ponita, just not now. Tomorrow and the coming day are kind of writing days I guess, I have to produce two pieces and when I switch to writing mode and get it all right it will flow … kann die Tinte wieder nicht halten der alte Sack

    Hello and welcome Pat, thank you for your first comment here!
    I never understood money, I can not understand why it grows – and I think that there lies a basic mistake, but excuse me please, I can not think about this now. Fellow blogger A. should know something about this, but she sadly vanished.

  6. I find quality chocolate to be a “useful item”.

    Don’t you know? Forty is the new fifty in terms of age. Therefore, I am a spring chicken at 37 and my little boy is an overactive acorn, since he is still counted in months and not years.


  7. I love retail therapy. I could probably use some myself – just no time right now. Actually, I think I’d rather enjoy some rollercoaster therapy at the moment! But I know that it feels good to be caught up on bills and have a little money left over.

  8. Quality chokolate IS a very useful item, Melanie, even Norma has some, hidden beyond the cheap stuff 🙂 “Every oak was an acorn once”, he may be one year old sometime now, I really hope it goes all well m’dear.

    Annabel – welcome, what a rare opprtunity, thank you for commenting! Is there really a rollercoaster left you do not have ridden (?, sorry, don’t know if this is right) in the western US?
    And yes, it’s exactly this: The heap of paper on the left of my desk has shrunk, the coming month is “cleared”, all set for soldering on. The end of September may be cruel, but there are four weeks to change things.

    Hello and welcome, MrPeenee, thank you for your first comment here! But I’m sorry, experience has it that the dung producers and the burning dung specialists do not run out of business and keep their high production rates up. I even get a strange feeling, when times without it are too long, undeserved happiness maybe.

  9. Here’s to your spending spree my darling. Good to see you’re hanging in there.

    And yes, I’ve had too many years of beans on toast, pasta for dinner. But, I can’t complain, there was always the option of dinner.

    Glad to hear that your chosen life hasn’t done that to you.

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