Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A fast week … I could find nothing about Carmen HILL, this Sunday’s artist. She established herself as singer of Lieder and ballads before WWI, but besides the text the uploader of the video cites, no more information about her is available.
I very much like September, autumn, and hope we will have warm and sunny Altweibersommer. A bit melancholic, yes. I’ve never been to Somerset (Ger., Eng.), but maybe I can travel one day to see these grrreen hills …
I hope you enjoy the song and have a good week.




13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Z says:

    September is often a gentle month, a transitional time.

    I often visit that part of the country, my sister lives in Wiltshire on the borders with Somerset and Dorset. It is rather lovely, and the local accent is delightful, with its West Country soft R.

  2. Mitzi says:

    I have wonderful memories of Weston-Super-Mare and the surrounding areas. As a child, I used to go there on caravan holidays with my grandparents. I used to roll down those hills and get covered inSticky Willy !

  3. I never knew a Kastrat, Norma.

    Yes, MJ, the air is cooler now, leaves start to turn yellow.

    Visited a paper mill today, MsScarlet. It was operated until 1975, is a museum today, but the owner still has workshops and produces some small parties of special papers, and of course electricity.

    It’s years that I rolled down a hill Mitzi!

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