September ten years ago

No, this is no post about where I was and what I did.
Some weeks ago in the very trusted weekly newspaper “Die ZEIT” an article appeared written by Hartmut M. Hanauske-Abel (60), who lives in NewYork since the 1980s and is a member of St.Paul’s in Manhattan. Some American readers of this humble blog may remember the name of this church. Hanauske-Abel writes about the then pastor of St. Paul’s Chapel, Lyndon HARRIS – hence the title: The Martyrium of Lyndon HARRIS.
HARRIS did what had to be done. The chapel played its role and never was more a church then in these days and weeks.
So why “martyrium”? Because HARRIS was treated namely by his superiors like a leper afterwards. Especially a bloke called  Daniel P. Matthews not only treated this man like a piece of shit (sorry, but true), but saied Matthews also got rid of the letters, sketches etc. that afterwards were sent to St.Paul’s by mail, especially written by children; and he took care that no trace of what had happened in this church survived. But at any occasion saied super Matthews cared to appear on the photographs, while he managed to get rid of HARRIS.
Okay, this is all terribly one-sided. Maybe HARRIS is an egocentric greedy heartless Mistkerl rubbing shoulders with his Wall-Street-chronies, or maybe he’s such a bad character that there is no place for him in St.Paul’s, or any other church under the influence of super Matthews.
I do not follow the American media, especially tv. So I have no idea whether in the American public the name HARRIS plays any role, is of any significance. I would like to know about this – and someone should ask Hanauske-Abel for the permission to translate his article – maybe before the public back slapping by people who were not there, starts.


I was asked about the German text authored by Hanauske-Abel I linked above. So I made a translation: Please see that English is not my natural language. I did not ask Mr. Hanauske-Abel for permission. I link a pdf LyndonHarris.

Wonder who will be seen in St. Paul’s Chapel tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “September ten years ago

  1. I have to ask Sarge more about this, as he spent time in the chapel in the days following 9/11–they opened it and kept it open to provide respite for exhausted emergency workers (and Sarge was one). He has very fond feelings for that place. I’ll be back!

  2. Patricia D Mackay says:

    I’m so grateful for Savannah’s link. I kept being reminded of the question:
    ‘What would Jesus do?’
    And it seems tome this man found the answer.

  3. Mean Dirty Pirate says:

    I did a where were you and what were you doing post. And you responded. Thank you. I like to know those kind of details. In America it all revolves around ourselves. Narcissistic to say the least. I didn’t know of Lyndon Harris but I’m glad you directed me to his efforts. It’s a day that many feel changed the world. And for that I’m sorry for those who do not live in America because it affected their lives as well to this day. War, the economy and life struggles in general. I still feel that the actions of former American leaders is responsible for the actions of 9/11 and the results toward the world and the world economy today. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  4. Ay Matey – let’s look ahead, I’d like to come up with tons of naval innuendo, long tons at least, but I’m sorry, I’m not in command of this language for play. Instead I’ll search a video with public disorder for Joanna Cake now.

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