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“Public Disorder” Joanna Cake saied, the host of Movie Clip Wednesday. I have a problem with “public disorder”, simply because there seems to be no adequate german translation. Öffentliche Ruhestörung can range from being drunk on a public place (sitting on a park bank with a can of beer and a cigarette can be a kind of offense in some cities) to major hooligan riots destroying the inner city district of the “enemy” club’s town. That would be no more Vergehen (offense) but a major Verbrechen (crime).
In the end all films are about breach of rules, about what one does, does not and why. Maybe superheroes, male and female, are a kind of exception: I mean this Rambo bloke singlehandedly flattens a small town and somehow one can not be angry with him. One wants to pat him on the head and say: Stop sobbing, bubbele, blow your nose and vanish in the woods.

But there are forgotten superheroes. And I bet none of my dear readers remembers Cleopatra Schwartz. She solves problems, burns down the ghetto, and manages to be the good god fearing wife of rebbe Schwartz – a true example and inspiration for all of us. And she spurs singlehandedly the national weapon industry,  he would be proud of her.
So see this little snippet about Cleopatra Schwartz – hope you enjoy it!



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  1. I*m sorry, Ponita, Cleopatra’s nippels escaped me, her range of weapons and knee action was a bit more attention drawing (and nut grabbing), at least for me. As for opposites – well, Rabbi Schwartz is a power of his own, I think. More of the silent kind, you know, kind of power in the darkness. Think TRB.

    BTW there are some interesting life-takes of the song, at least they were available at youtube when I searched for them months ago.

  2. But she’s sitting right there in the bed with no top on! How could those nipples not be noticed!?!? But yeah, there was a lot of action going on, wasn’t there? ;-)

  3. Dear readers,

    due to back problems Mr. Mago is not available. Normal services will be restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

    With best regards

    secretary of Mr. Mago

  4. Maybe the gun distracted me, Ponita.

    Just like in real life, Wanda

    Auwaia, v.LX!

    HA – Kahless finally a sign of life by you! Carry on!

    Thank you Raine, it is, after liying for nearly 12 hours. I have to change things around here.

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