Currently I can sit upright maybe one hour. I went voluntarily (!) to the hospital yesterday in paynedriven panick. They made nice x-rays of my spine, uncle doctor and me will have to talk about these later this day. I’ll hang around the blogs, but there will be less activity, computer time generally is limited now.


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  1. Mean Dirty Pirate says:

    Oh you poor thing. I hate feeling less than normal so you have my sympathy. Here I am complaining of a cold when you have real pain. Hope you are on the mend soon.

  2. Ponita says:

    I’m so sorry your back is causing you such grief. Having been there myself, I totally understand. I hope something can be done to alleviate your pain quickly and for good. A quick hug so as to not cause any more discomfort…

  3. Joyce says:

    Sorry Mago. Love yourself and take care. Do what you need to do. Praying that this will be over soon or that if its long term it can be less painful. The computer and the books will not disappear and neither will your friends. :o(

  4. Z says:

    It’s so exhausting, constant back pain, when you cannot be comfortable whatever you do. Hope you’re able to get some sleep. I remember having to sleep on the floor when I’d put my back out – but your problem has lasted a long time. Best wishes, dear Mago.

  5. Princess says:

    My commiserations to you Mr Mags. Back pain is no fun. but Try to take it easy and rest up.
    But from experience I know that this is difficult and sometimes very frustrating to comply with. I hope things settle down again for you soon.

    Try to get some good pain relief from your Uncle Dr.

    I wont hug you ‘cos it will probably hurt more than it helps! So instead I will send you a lot of healing thoughts. Would you like a foot massage? I could try my hand at that instead… if it doesn’t hurt too much of course…

  6. Thank you ALL for your well wishes – it is highly apprechiated here! Things are slowly going better, lying on the floor is a good thing every few hours. No worries!

    A big and warm welcome to the latest inhabitant of Berlin: LX jumped over the water!

  7. Ponita says:

    Will you and Herr Von LX be doing a blogger meet while he’s over there, Mago?

    I know about lying on the floor. It definitely helps! What did the xrays show and what did the doctor say?

  8. Nice idea, MsScarlet

    No worries, Mate, a cold can be pretty unnerving! Hope you feel better.

    Thank you, dear Mistress.

    They gave me something iv that worked pretty fast, Ponita.

    Thank you, Savannah.

    Books are better, Joyce: No cables, work in bed too.

    Thank you, vLX – I hope Berlin will be good to you.

    Thank you, Eryl – is your home improvement program still in full swing? You must have re-built the house now completely! But I know, one thing leads to another … 🙂

    Thank you, Z, yes, this malheur has a history. Lying on my back is great, it really takes away paine, a very comfortable position, so sleeping is no problem. Sitting at the desk is poison!

    Tehee – got some pretty strong payne killers, Melanie, they are seemingly of the “switch me off”- kind.

    Princess Temptress …

    It depends on the course of the “illness” in the coming days, Austere. It is no disc prolapse, because in this case I could do nothing – and they would not have me allowed out of the hospital on Thursday. See my answer to Ponita following.

    No nurses, LGS, monacensian silence and concentration …

    I hope that vLX can come to Franconia, Ponita – he once mentioned that he liked Heidelberg and it’s Romantic appearance: That means that he must see Bamberg and Rothenburg too, Romantic overdose!
    The x-rays showed that between some vertebrae no more disc can be found, pretty impressive image. The body seemingly started a self-repair program. I must have moved the wrong way, or something was swollen, but somehow some nerves were attacked / pressed together or however mechanically “touched”, what caused the paine and the resulting deficits. My doc is not keen on an operation – if it is possible to bring the symptoms back to nearly normal with other things we will try this. Shrinking belly, growing muscles – call me Hulk ….

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