Sunday Music

Sunday Music, I

A very early edition, maybe there’s a later one to follow.

I want to thank You ALL for your friendly and caring comments. They are all very highly appreciated, excuse me please for not answering individually now. I am doing fine, things are working, I just have to lie down after one or two hours in order to relax my back. Don’t worry.

I would like you to drop by Savannah and leave a little note; the mother of the MITM, she may rest in peace.

Ottorino RESPIGHI (1879-1936) (Ger., Eng.) may be best known for his tryptichon Fontane di Roma, Pini di Roma and Feste Romane. They all are sums of small pieces, very well crafted small pieces in their own right.
Here is his idea of an old Sicilian dance.




16 thoughts on “Sunday Music, I

  1. Thank you, Joyce – I’ll wander into the kitchen now …

    Totally different from the Texan heat, vLX – we had a change of weather from yesterday to today: All the humidity is blown away, grey and gently raining. I wonder whether they will start to harvest the wine.

    Thank you, Z. Yes, I think it is a little tribute to Miss Daisy
    As I saied to Joyce – hurray for kitchen, wonder what can be found there! Its always adventure …

  2. Ponita says:

    Glad things are settling with your back, Mago. I know how distressing back pain can be. You just can’t enough about a good floor! 😉

    Lovely music. A good choice, I think, for Miss Daisy, may she rest in peace.

  3. MJ says:

    I just watched a German film called “Soul Kitchen.”

    The main character had severe back pain and I thought about you all through the film.

    Hugs from Mistress MJ.

  4. I try, Austere

    Yes, a good flooring is worth all the effort, Ponita!

    Hey – what a rare guest – welcome EH!

    “Soul kitchen” was very well received – from time to time we all need Knochenbrecher-Kemal working from the back of his rusty van … Did you like the film, Mistress?

  5. Thank You for your concern, Pat – the Sunday Music is a wide collection of music, ranging from Jazz to “hard rock”. I think “Country” is the only sort still missing. I very much like Respighi, what is called the “neo-classical” attitude. Especially, it would be so easy for him to follow established forms and “do it” in a way one could espect to happen – no difference from the 1920s until the 2010s – but he does not; he allows “it” – whatever” – to grow, meander, do whatever is necessary; so there’s always a kind of surprise, no matter whether one hears it for the first time or again after some years.

    HA – Matey – what a tiny fiddle! Thank you for the vid – it helped to sort things!
    Fact is my back is better, my left leg does not hate me anymore (it twitches a bit now and then), and I am generally on a good way to recovery – or whatever one wants to call it. One thing is for sure: I will never again do a move …

    You look at strange things, dear Mistress … thank you for answering: I feel distinguished!

    Mr. vLAX is walking over the Breitscheid Platz – or at least he was this morning, collecting papal pins, maybe. He actually may be touring those dark strange Berlin clubs … but, you know, when I link it here, it’s all over … I guess Mr. vLX will find his own way through the Berlin night, I only hope that nothing bad happens to him, there’s always one brutal idiot around in the morning.

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