Just an aside – but why should anyone search for “Rohrzange 63”?

And “Rohrzange ” seems to be the most attractive question / item / search word, bringing up this blog – ?

Old K. – are you around … are you with me – ? !


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  1. Ponita says:

    A pipe wrench? I googled that term… and aside from you, came up with some punk rocker’s My Space site. I don’t know what any of that means…

  2. Well, I googled “Mago” and learned a lot. Apparently, you could be a jumping spider, an Asian Goddess, a Fijian Island, an Ethiopian National Park, several Carthagian Kings and generals and even a jazz album. Wow. Amazing.

  3. I’m not in punk anymore, Ponita

    I still have not made my mind up on this, von LX, but seriously do not want to think more about the subject.

    I love you, Scarlet.

    I am perplexed, dear Austere. “Old K.” is a reference to a blogger long gone – defected to f’c’book indeed.

    I can live with all the things on your list, LGSexcept the spider!

    I hope “orange handled gripping tools” is no euphemism, dear Eryl.

    DONN – what a joy to see you commenting here!

    I’ll be over asap, dear von LX!

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