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Sunday Music – I insist

I’m a bit late … The start of last week brought me an email informing me that a major project (“major” at least for me!) is postponed. What had should started at the first of October now has to happen on the first of March next year. Nice. This lead to a minor panic attack, hectic thinking activity and culminated finally in a conversation with Mr. Bankman. Thankfully this Mr. Bankman was not a chip of the old “kiss-my-arse-you-beggar”-block but a reasonable, accessable man focused on problem solving. Of course he solved the problem of his institute first and partly mine too, so the beginning of the coming year may be interesting. But anyway, I won’t have to scrap the painting from the wall.
I did not sleep too well in the last nights, a major change of the weather is building up, maybe we will see some rain tonight; a sharp drop of temperature is forecast for the end of the week. Some rain would be good for the air, there is too much dust.
I do not like to miss a Sunday Music only because of my ailment or indisposition. So here is Mr. CALE, Traveling light. Hope you enjoy it.




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  1. your Sunday music was worth waiting for and I’m sorry for the change in your project. I’ve had that happen and it’s not fun. 😦

    The rain has returned to my part of the world and it’s already too cold. Boo.

  2. Ponita says:

    Isn’t it always Sunday somewhere? Oh wait… that’s 5 o’clock. 😉 Better late than never, Mago! Sorry to hear your project is postponed but glad to hear your Mr. Bankman helped you out a bit. I’ll cross my fingers that something comes up for the interim. Rain here perhaps next week but temperatures are very warm right now and very sunny. I cannot complain. Hugs to you, my friend.

  3. Glad your painting is safe for a little longer, Mago, but sorry you had such a stressful few days. And the time was perfect for Sunday music, Sunday seems to be more a feeling than a day (for me) recently, and little injection of that feeling was very welcome this evening.

  4. Joyce says:

    Worth waiting for! We have wonderful weather after our killing frost. Hope something comes up to help your situation. Its not much fun when you don’t know what is going to happen next. :o(

  5. Princess says:

    life is fine until some other bugger comes along and stuffs up your plans. however a mini crisis often helps me to re focus and re prioritise.
    I enjoyed Mr Cale. He was most worth the wait thank you. I hope something else turns up between now and March to tide you over… Keep your chin up Mate! Take it from me… It is funny how one can become accustomed to travelling light!

  6. Thank you, Boxer – all of a sudden things have to be re-organized; things that looked “perfectly” safe are not and there must be the famous “plan B”. Of course it is never there, at least not in working condition. But it went all reasonably well.
    We could use a little rain now. It is all about the atmosphere, something changed. BTW I really have a good feeling about that house – I am glad that you do the puzzle.

    Life sometimes could be a little bit gentler, von LX, but of course I am not complaining.

    Thank you, Ponita – I saw the forecast on your site: Sun Sun Sun in the middle of Canada! Enjoy it with your MoS!
    The interim will possibly see a small genealogical recherche that simply popped up. Anything else is open to the development.

    Hello and welcome, Norrbu, thank you for your first comment here. I “know” you for some years via Austere and sometimes visited your blog, and I may remember that you once came to my blogger-blog, but I am not sure about this. You are welcome! You like the guitar? Sometimes I think Sunday Music is a bit too much guitar-heavy …

    Yes, Eryl, “Sunday” more and more gets seperated from the weekday! When one works “free” the “normal” rhythm of five days work, two days weekend, becomes meningless. Deadlines do not ask for this. And via web this evening here is another man’s midday – and if this person is a customer I have to follow suite.
    I remember well the “Sunday-feeling” when i visited my grandparents on the country – it was a kind of mixture between boring and happiness. Boring because one could not go out and DO something, happy because no one expected one to go out and DO something. SO Sunday meant something good to eat, and sofa, trullern ! Ah, I love it …

    Hey – you like JJCale, dear Joyce ? You once mentioned that you like BBKing too! You ever seen Chuck Berry teaching “Oh Carol” to Mr. Uber-Stone Richards? This is the short version, but I love it, really. What are you listening to, maybe on youtube, Joyce?
    Uncertainty, instability, is seemingly part of the game …

  7. Hey dear Princess – you snug in while I was fighting with the html – there is always some bugger showing of with another plan / solution, whatever. The trick seemingly really is to react right. As i saied to Ponita, a small research is in the oven, not yet ordered, but it is seemingly on it’s good way.
    This “traveling light” is an intersting and important thing … I could get rid of my books … but it would mean a lot.

  8. Joyce says:

    Mago, You upset my sister with the thought of selling your books. She has sent me an e mail asking me to tell you not to sell your books as you would be sorry later. I agree with her. She tried to post a comment but couldn’t. “Traveling Light” does not mean without books. We wish the best for you and hope you come up with something besides giving up something so valuable as your books. The both of us follow your blog.

  9. I am sorry to have upset you both, Joyce and sister! Fact is that there is a kind of offer by – you guessed it! – my friend from Hungary. The larger part of my book collection is specialized in “Volkskunde” and cultural history. Rob could well use it for his institute. But … it would be like a craftsman selling his tools. Do not worry, in the end it may be just a Hirngespinst, hot air.
    Commenting should work, sister of Joyce, with your email-address and a name, just give it a try!

    Provocative – ach, “My library was dukedom large enough” …

  10. Maybe some other nice opportunity wil pop into this now vacant slot in your schedule. We can hope! The cold wet season has now arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I shall have no excuse but to get a lot of writing done now that I cannot go outside and play in the sun.

    Take Care My Friend,

    P.S. Do you remember a post you did a long time ago about a clock, when it chimes on the hour “the Grim Reaper (death) chases the young madien”? It is a form of Gothic art, starts with “F”. I would love to have such a clock if reasonably priced replicas are available.

  11. Hello and welcome, Tim, thank you for your first comment here! I think I saw you at Z’s and Scarlet’s sites – didn’t you mention that you actually possess one or another guitar?
    Mr. Cale always looks as if he would bite the carpet in the next few seconds, ha! I very much like his “dry” and seemingly “simple” style. I saied it once and say it again – reduction is an art, and Cale is a master in it.

    Oh dear, the sun is gone here too, but the rain did not yet arrive, Melanie. I am looking for something to fill the slot – and you are right: It’s time to write! No excuses – Eryl Shields wrote about displacement activitiy not so long ago … The clock … I am not sure about it, Melanie, but I think I mentioned the clock in Ochsenfurt: At 12 o’clock death uses his scyth. I should have to look if and where I mentioned it.
    I’ll come back to this.

  12. Hi, thanks for the welcome. Yes, you’ll have seen me at those blogs, and various other ones I’ve noticed you at. I have five guitars in all, which don’t get played enough!

  13. Mago – I searched this blog for the post in question and could not find it. I know it was on Blogger, maybe 3 years ago now. I was hoping mention of it might be easy for you to recall a name of something to do a quick search. Please do not spend too much time on it. It is ok. It is a similar clock to the one in the movie “Legend” (1985) which was one of my favorites as a young reclusive Gothic teenager.

    Take Care,

  14. So we move in the same circles, ha!

    I searched too, Melanie: For “Ochsenfurt”, “Rathaus”, and for “Clock”, but it did not come up. Did we see a picture?
    If my memory does not fail me it is the clock at the Ochsenfurt townhall. There is a Figurenspiel. At full hours two oxen hit their heads; at midday (I think) a skeleton comes out mowing.
    I saw this as a kid for the first time – or at least something very similar – in Strassburg, but I forgot where the clockwork is located there, whether it is in the Münster or on a worldly building. It’s the Grim Reaper who mowes according to the number of hours. Last thing: I remember to have seen a picture in the Staatsgallerie Stuttgart, also at least 30 years ago, a small one, showing a distant skeleton peeing into a lake or a river; dark dramatic colours, but actually a funny picture. It was NOT Klinger’s painting from 1880 that will pop up when you google it – this was in Hamburg in a private collection until it was sold back to Leipzig. The picture I remember was smaller and had darker colours.

  15. The note about the clock is fascinating.
    Herr Mago the magician, am sorry for the delay in your work– but perhaps to the best– perhaps.
    All the music shall have to wait till I am back on a broadband connection, whenever that is.

  16. I do not believe there was a picture, just a description. I like this kind of humor, What we call “dark humor” or “black comedy”, It is not very popular in the U.S. When my husband and I met and we realized we had the same penchant for this kind of humor we knew we had a lot in common. I often find it it people who have been closely affected by death. It is common among professions like Fire Fighters and Nurses. You should have to cover a child’s ear if you sit next to a group of firefighters in a resturant.

    Most Americans are afraid of death, they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to think about it, maybe because it is inevitable. They would rather go on texting messages about the weather and what to eat for lunch.

    I will keep looking when I have time. If I find anything interesting I will share it with you. Adieu,

  17. Macy says:

    Hi! Looks like I’m late to the party… but at least there was till good music going on!
    And how brave are you self employed people? I’ve been there, and I know the hell of a late payment or big cancelled contract.
    I’m a happy wee salary man these days.

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