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I am only one day late – so I improved at least for 50% – YAY! – compared to the Sunday Music on Tuesday.
The lovely Joanna Cake hosts Movie Clip Wednesday. Two weeks ago the theme was “Best Humans under Attack Movie”, and my first thought was BURTON’s Mars Attacks! (1996, Ger., Eng.); then I remembered what Groucho MARX used to call the “war film”, Duck Soup (1933, Ger., Eng., review) (there’s the famous mirror scene!); another possibility would have been the seemingly unknown Vietnam picture “Charlie Mopic”, correct title is 84C MoPic (1988, Eng.), a very early example of a mockumentary or “found footage”, a genre I like very much.
Last week’s theme was “Best ‘Voyeur’ Movie”, and of course the pair of Peeping Tom  (1960, Ger., Eng., review) and Psycho (1960, Ger., Eng., review) sprang up in my mind: While the career of Michael POWELL (Ger., Eng.) as a director was destroyed by this film, HITCHCOCK’s (Ger., Eng.) indiscreet look into the shower at once became a box office hit and was nominated for four academy awards. A third possibility would have been David Holzman’s Diary (1967, Eng., review), another mockumentary nobody knows.
This week’s theme is “Best Doctor Movie”. Ei – that’s a tough one … There’s Dr. Who, but I know him only by name; there’s Dr. Zhivago (1965, Ger., Eng.), oh really … I have a fade memory of Dr. Bock from The Hospital (1971, Eng.), not very clear at all. But I do remember a very interesting tv series about a young doctor who has to work in a small town in Alaska called Cicely, it’s his payback because the state of Alaska payed for his studium: In German it was called Ausgerechnet Alaska, the original title was Northern Exposure. I liked it.




15 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. I had forgotten this series, 63 mago, it was very popular here… and why not with the lovely Aidan from Sex in the City 🙂 I always meant to watch it but it clashed with something else on at the same time.

    Good call! I didn’t know that Michael Powell’s career was destroyed by Peeping Tom. I’ve not seen the movie but I know the director’s name well as he did some fab films.

    Thanks for playing x

  2. I never saw Sex and the City, sorry I have no idea about Aidan.
    Powell and Pressburger, The Archers, of course. Powell and Hitchcock knew each other from the 1920s and seemingly were friends through their careers. Comparing the two films can be interesting.

  3. Ponita says:

    I used to watch Northern Exposure all the time! I loved that show! Great choice, Mago. 🙂

    Speaking of doctors, how’s your back doing these days? I hope much better.

  4. … mmbmbl … just received “Schongymnastik bei Rückenschmerzen. Das Übungsbuch zur Slebsthilfe” to work through and start excercises. I should have logged off this computer more than one hour ago. Sitting too long is still no good idea.

  5. Mitzi says:

    Peter Cushing made two Doctor Who films in the 1960’s. I would like one of those flinging machines in miniature, to fling cat shit over the wall and into my neighbours garden, see how they like it.

  6. You may mean the “Island of the Lost Souls” from 1932, Melanie, with Charles Laughton, still thin.

    Where have you been all the time, Karl? Northern Exposure was nice, a bit odd at times, poetic, even when much of it got lost in translation. I remember that there once was a contest that invovled smashing a piano and stuffing the remains through a hole of fixed diameter – at least the wood and other non-metal parts. There were competitions.

    The famous Dr. Who is a complete stranger to me, Mitzi. As I see there was never an attempt to bring the doc to Germany – maybe the series is simply too British to work somewhere else. Isn’t there an English proverb about “swinging a cat around”?

  7. Maybe that was it. I will look for it.

    Every year the news likes to show footage of Pumpkin flinging contest or Pumpkin cannons. The objective is farthest distance. I’m sure you could find clips on Youtube. I miss logging contests, I have not been to one for a long time. When I was in a Forestry program I almost signed up to particpate in the Woodsplitting competion. I think I started chopping wood as early as 5 or 6 as a rural kid, it was normal back then.

  8. I can not remember the “Carry on” series, Scarlet – I know that it was up on the German television once, but I have no memory of this. But thank you for another “doctor”!

    I’ll come over soon, Melanie … Chopping wood contests!? You are Canadian?

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