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Sunday Music

Autumn came with might at the end of the last week. The temperature dropped, leaves change their colours, rain – rainbow time, dramatic skies: One can stand in the sun on a hill and watch hills and mountains vanish in a distant, getting wiped out by marauding rain clouds, colourful sunsets, wind.
I never thought about why I write this blog. I never made a plan or gave it a second thought, Melanie saied it would be unfair to comment only and she’s right: So I write, open up a bit. For others it may be a helpful tool, an outlet (neurotic or not), a place to vent, to voice, to come clear with situations thoughts emotions.
Blogs come to an end too. Some blogs I followed were simply stopped or deleted, or took long breaks. Sometimes it came as a surprise, others simply felt that this road had ended. I always hope that those, who allowed me to have a look at what they wanted to share, go on with their lives in a good way, unhurt, “happy” eventually.
Here’s a little music by Julia HÜLSMANN (Ger.).
Hopefully we’ll see a fine autumn – may the coming week be gentle to all of us.




13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. So glad you do write this blog, it’s always like popping in to an old friend’s for a cup of tea, coming here. Even if I do have to make the tea myself beforehand.

    I’m struggling to blog at the moment. This is always my busy season (new academic year) and this year it’s busier than ever because we’re trying to fix the house a little, so I need to take all the work I can get to pay for it. The annoying thing is: I have so much to tell, but no time to tell it.

  2. Joyce says:

    A gentle and good week is my wish for you. We have had a week of beautiful weather with autumn colors to go with it. I would miss your blog and your Sunday music. Its fun to see film clips and to hear about you going to check old church records. In the first week of November my church is going to celebrate 35 years. I remember my son mixing concrete to build the church. 35 years is nothing compared to the churches you visit. I sometimes have trouble blogging because at my age there just isn’t that much to blog about unless I get upset by something. Then I have to be careful what I blog about it. Have a good week,friend.

  3. Princess says:

    just like the music I hope that your week is calm and relaxing. Thank you Mr Maggs for taking the ‘time out” to blog… It is worth it to those that care.
    I’ve taken to posting more pictures of late with less text. I guess it’s a reflection on my contentment with my life at present especially as my creativity is working overtime in the practical sense, making costumes.

    I’m actually seeing some ideas come to life! It makes a change from just endlessly thinking about them!

    Have a great week…

  4. It is a beautiful, cool, overcast, lightly rainy day here today. Was out in it briefly this morning, heading out again in a bit. There is a Kokosberg from the bakery waiting for later. The music is a perfect selection for this.

  5. My pleasure, dear Z.

    I am sure that this semester will be very fast, Eryl; your house will take shape and all of a sudden you will face the monitor and feel the urge to write it all down! But meanwhile one or two nice food-photographs will have to suffice.

    I hope to go to a church archive again in the coming weeks, Joyce. The buildings may be older, but who can say he built a church with his own hands around here?

    I am sure you see your sewing machine more often and longer than your computer these days, dear Princess! I hope there will be pictures of your creations on stage – and maybe of the other ideas too?

    Proxima made me do it!

    Christmas – Scarlet! Ten weeks without your company!?! The tooth drugs may still be working …

    You are here, Roses – I am making no big decisions, I just carry on.

    Thank you, pale in comparison to your colourful and image-evoking writing, Austere. I agree, sometimes it is the best reply.

    Kokosberge rule! I went to the library and found the wind amazingly warm. In parts of Bavaria snow fell over the weekend.

  6. Joyce says:

    My sons and I joined the church before it had a building. My sons had a great time helping to build the church with the school inside. My one son picked his place in the school while the school wasn’t finished. It is my church because I joined it and I am amazed it was 35 years. What better things for young men to do than help to build a church.

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