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When I got home this afternoon I stood around a little lost. I avoided switching on the computing machine, things should be done, mails  … jaja …
Dirty windows in an unheated place look a bit depressing.  I opened the window in the sleeping room and the door to the balcony, the last days saw an influx of cold clean air. This afternoon I was at the library which is situated on a hill looking over the city: Single grey clouds raced to the East, some where unloading their burden of rain, big cold drops, the light turned ochre.  Semester has started, umpteen young people walked around looking for the place their seminar would start at in five minutes, for the institute, the cafeteria. It was all new for them.
I decided to clear my balcony. The one-year-plants had died, the others are allowed in now. I crammed them – in a tasteful way of course – on the window cill. I have a small table outside that can be taken apart, and in a bucket under it I found a t-shirt obviously already used for cleaning purposes – I mopped the leaves, dead bugs and spider webs in the remotest corner with it. My workmanlike duty is done for this year. Still not able to sit down and do the desk thing I washed up – found that I own interesting cups. The look into the refrigerator was disillusioning, so I happily took the chance to stroll to the superette and buy things suitable for consumption in the coming days. When I came home I found the heating actually working, a very good thing! Tonight I finally turned the machine on. But nevertheless, it’s crap to have to say Goodbye to a friend.


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  1. I thank you all for your concern!
    Let me clarify: Nobody was digged in! I was in very good company over the last days with a friend visiting, and when he left yesterday I finally stood a bit disoriented in my appartement. Having seen all these young people on the campus did not help to better my mood, nor did the cold and my uncleaned windows – today its heavy fog, so the greyish grime is not recognizable.
    Generally things are looking better today – thank you for the music, von LX, I needed a hit – of fresh air!
    And Scarlet – sensitive cups? You mean they are helpful in pushing, can change the volume?

  2. Ok, well if you want to cry I still recommend the shower. If you want to play with “interesting cups” I’m sure Germany still has some brothels left, yes? You could also go to a Victoria Secret (America’s Favorite Bra Store), but that would be seen as “odd”.

    How about a brightly colored fish to chase the gray away? Betas (aka Samurai Fighting fish) are easy, they require very little food and just a change of water once or twice a week. I had one for six years and I didn’t do anything special, just a bowl with water and food allotment per directions. I did wrap a towel around the bowl when power was out during winter storms.

    Or read “A Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the tropical local will warm you up.

    Take Care,

  3. Joyce says:

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it is hard to say good bye to a friend and it doesn’t help when the weather is gray and cold. But know this, the sun will come out.

  4. Mitzi says:

    I know how you feel Mago. When my maid Carmen was hospitalised in the spring of this year I didn’t know what to do with myself, flitting from room to room knowing there was a sink full of pots to be washed, hoovering to be done and beds to be made, very depressing, it was like been in a B&W film with Rita Tushingham. I amused myself with the wii board and invited lots of men from the internet to come over for fun and frolics.

  5. Say Melanie, didn’t the fish feel a bit lonely? I mean one should never have one sheep alone or one lonely cow, they need company. Same goes for Meerschweinchen and such furry things – why not for fish? Next time, have two, please!

    And she already did, dear Joyce – a clear sky, cold air and the first white frost – a beautiful day. Sunlight chases blues away, mostly.

    Ah, Boxer, they are not interesting, sorry. I just had nothing to do but look at them and wonder how long it will take until the crusty remnants of coffee will be softened in the water and could be washed away.

    Is this wii-board you mention, Mitzi, something like the old ouija-board?

    I knew you would come back one day!

    I hope you are feeling better these days, Wanda!

    Hello and welcome, Nurse Myra, thank you for your first comment here! I think Mitzi used this word first, but I am not sure.

  6. But that is the thing about the Japanse Samurai fish, they have to be alone. They will fight to the death because there can be only one…in the bowl. They do like if you give them an aquatic plant though. the roots of the plant make sure the water retains an appropriate percentage of oxygen and nitrogen, it give them a place to nestle and it looks nice. I’m not sure how this works for making. Maybe the male dies after he’s done his job, I don’t know.

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