Sunday Music

Whow, what a fast week it was, time spent in good company seems to accelerate; has something to do with the space-time-continuum (Ger., Eng.), I think the great cosmologist ADAMS (Ger., Eng.) called it an “eddy”.
Anyway, we should have a cup of tea now – at the end of things and at the beginning of new adventures, there should be a cup of tea – or coffee. But it should be made from boiling water. Poor Ginger BAKER (Ger., Eng.) seemingly suffers a bit while trying to get a decent cup of tea …
Have a good and peaceful week!




16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Hello and welcome, Memphis Steve, thank you for your first comment here. As I learned reading your blog Goldilocks is Bavarian and tipsy., interesting combination. And as for the tea – for real tea we have to go East (from Europe) or West from America: Freshly prepared Asian tea is a total different thing.

  2. Don’t expect good coffee in Japan unless you go to a Starbucks where they’ve been trained to make it “American-strength” and by that point, the line for the one in Tokyo often goes around the block. I’m sure they’ve probably opened more by now.

    Right now I’m enjoying a hot cup of Apple Cider. mmm.


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