Shouldn’t Read the News …

The German news these days are dominated by the ongoing crisis of the Euro and the Greek drama, some call it a farce. Greece is bancerott, no doubt about it, the consequences for the common currency and the European Union must be contained – sooner or later a solution will be found. Real problems will show up with Italy and Spain.
What really disturbs me are “small” news going unnoticed about Israel contemplating to attack Iran, while the UK gears up. The Iranian foreign minister seems to speak the truth when he says that – not only – “America has lost its wisdom and prudence”. What else but a full-scale war of the different Palestinian groups in the Gaza-strip would come from such an attack? The two-state-solution seemed to have come a bit closer imho, but concrete-heads play with fire and risk anything. It’s true, if fools have no problems, they create some themselves.
And of course, everybody will be “shocked” and “surprised”.
As always.

12 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Read the News …

  1. well of course, in the U.S. our “news” is full of stupid celebrities and anything and everything else besides things that can actually impact us all. The Greece crisis is big because it could potentially start a free fall of similar collapses. The World should be watching and I guess China isn’t interested in helping, so I hope a solution will be found… sooner. not later.

  2. News is bad, yes but what can we expect when we have so many bad people in high places. Compromise and common sense could solve the problem but it seems that isn’t in the cards.

  3. Hello Wanda – good to see you around! Sorry, such a post is the least you need now.

    I hope not, MsScarlet. I think it has all ingredients for a major desaster, but a contained and regional one. Looking at the events of this year I have the feeling that “the West” missed a big opportunity throughout the whole Arab world through the socalled “Arab Spring” – and helping with another aggression now would finally destroy any positions for a peaceful solution that are reached now. One could come to the conclusion that some old idiots do not want peace.

    I thought in the same direction, von LX, but seriously hope that the man will not use this old cruel trick.

    The Europeans did what had to be done, Merkozy finally showed the hammer and Papandreou will loose his job. Again Boxer, Greece is contained, the solution is already here – the real fun is still to come with Italy and Spain.
    China will help – it is an opportunity not to be missed. But one can only hope that the tons of green dollar notes the Chinese sit on, will still be of some worth when they finally arrive here. China already bought Hungary, there will be a kind of special relationship between China and Europe, they’ll sort that out. The problem is the dollar – there’s simply too much of that paper around!

    You have read Spengler again, LGS

    Compromise and Common sense need a bit of distance, good will and the insight that nobody is “totally right” – all properties that do not help to become el supremo, nowhere …

  4. I confess I take my news in very small doses these days. I can’t abide the stupidity and cruelty out in the wider world. I suppose from an activism perspective I’m being an ostrich. But on a day to day perspective, I focus on the Life in front of me and try not to be as crazy as these politicians so obviously are.

  5. America has lost her prudence and wisdom. and freedom too. Its a police state over here – im sorry – a lot of people do not realize the noose has been slipped around our necks in the name of freedom. what bullshit. I would take my chances with any terrorist over the IRS or petty officials anyday. I used to read spengler – on asia times and forgot about him until now. If i was the empress of AMerica I would cut the cord on Israel and get off the arabs’ back. We used to be liberators. Now we bring despair. I never thought Id write words like this – but here it is.

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