Sunday Music

Sunday Music

6th of November and the sun is shining! She worked herself through the morning fog, the colourful leaves are still on the trees – it did not rain over the last weeks, one downpour and the trees will be bald. No frost up to date, still around 16°C at daytime.
Yesterday I lead a friend on an excursion around the town – nearly entirely without Baroque. An abandoned industry area, strange houses in backyards, we inspected the dirty belly of the town – it was great.

Here come Biréli LAGRÈNE (Ger., Eng.) and Philip CATHERINE (Ger., Eng.) with a swinging version of “Les feuilles mortes”, hope you enjoy it.
Have a good week.




20 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I love the dirty bellies of towns.

    It’s about 8ºc during the day here now, very sunny and crisp, we had a good solid frost last night. I’ll have to watch my more delicate herbs, last year both rosemary and laurel were annihilated.

  2. Ah, the herbs – the pepperoni-bush must be saved! I think any town has a “dirty” corner, Eryl, maybe I do walk around alone and take some photographs.

    It was totally different from what we did, because my friend wanted to see other parts of the town. I was surprised about what we found.
    These two blow the foliage nicely around, von LX 🙂

    I read “dirty dwarfes” first, Melanie and thought it was something from your military past … I am not shure what a wharf is, because the dictionary gives it as “Kai”, “Werft”, “La(n)deplatz” – quay or pier, shipbuilding place, place where goods are loaded or landed. We have a harbour here, but I never have visited the modern one.

  3. Yes, a pier for loading and unloading dirty sailors and the likes. I come from a family of shipbuilders and saddlemakers. I like my men rough……. around the edges. No “Metrosexuals” for me!!!


  4. Personally, I really like the very run down areas of Norwich. They seem almost deserted with lots of buddleia growing from every crack. That tends to be where the arty people live and work too. I think I’ll have to go for a walk with my camera.

  5. Wow, that comment took on a life of its own! Is this what stubbling into popularity for 15min of fame feels like? I had a friend that confessed she’d always wanted to get down and dirty with a dwarf. I could never quite look at her the same way again with that bit o’ information.


  6. I looked at all nine reviews – I like best the thing with the mice ripping off all bags with food and the sock-test: Walking with white socks over the room will turn them black – the white sock problem finally solved!
    It sounds like Al Bundy’s summer destination!

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