Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The week that was – I have seen better ones. It is cold now, as for Franconian circumstances, others (somewhere around lake Michigan) already greeted the first snow. Today the sun at least made the fog vanish – as nice as fog can be, when it sits around for days and one needs to switch on the reading lamp in the afternoon, it slowly becomes a bit depressing. Add nasty letters from the bank and a customer who seemingly forgot to assign a payment – et voilà
But today we have an immaculate blue sky, cold clear air, a walk and letters of appointment. And dances rigaudons (Ger., Eng.) by RAMEAU (Ger., Eng.) – hope you enjoy!
Everything will be fine.




22 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. This week, we now have a snow slide in Potsdamer Platz and an ice skating rink in Marlene Dietrich Platz. The snow did suffer a bit in the warm weather, but the ice was OK.

    Nice music. I do not know his work.

  2. Skating with Marlene! If you like to explore Rameau, Luly and others, visit this Youtube channel, von LX.

    Still traveling, dear MsScarlet?

    “Jaunty” sums it up, Eryl! The Menuet is such a starchy thing and I felt happy and lively this afternoon. Yes, writing letters and advertising my unbelievable abilities – at least there is hope!

    You mean “everything will be fine”, Nurse Myra? Actually it’s a bit like a mantra …

  3. Joyce says:

    We have had a couple of warm days so much of snow is gone but the snow pushed by the plows is still around. Hope you have a good week and your abilities are recognized and you get good mail. No more nasty letters from the bank.

  4. Summer-like sunshine (read: heat) here, but some fog is dramatic, too much is a downer.
    A friend who’d been to Sikkim got me some tea, aromatic but too light for me. Virtually sent a parcel your way.

    Have a better week!

  5. It’s still fairly mild for the season here, and I am not complaining.

    Sorry to hear about the grumpy bank manager and the silly customer. You want me to send the boys round to collect payment + interest?

  6. Princess says:

    Sorry to disappoint. but spring is warming up down here. I have made just the coat to go with this music. You are more than welcome to borrow it for the next gavotte….

  7. Thankfully snow is not here yet, but it is freezing now in the night, Wanda.

    Thank you for the good wishes, dear Joyce. I will see Mr. Bankman tomorrow.

    Thank you Austere! As I learned from a German tea lexicon the Sikkim tea is something like a rare speciality around here.

    You mean Kneeknappers’ Incasso Services? My best wishes and respects to Mr. Igor, dear Roses, I’ll let him know when I need his services.

    You look fab in the red, MJ!

    I saw you March Hare gown, dear Princess: The carrot shaped buttons are great! I really hope you hve it all ready for the Premiere! Isn’t it at the end of this week, coming weekend?

  8. Like Eryl, I meant “letters of appointment”. I gather from your answer you are referring to job applications? Letters of appointment sounds much grander. I am going to use that in future

  9. Ponita says:

    Splendid music, Mago! Glad things are looking up, both the weather and the job prospects. We’ve had snow here twice in the past week, but none remains on the ground today. I did have to move slush off my car windows this morning though. Soon enough, it will be many degrees below freezing and the ice and snow will be building. In anticipation of that, I bought new winter boots yesterday. 😉

  10. Mitzi says:

    Our flight home from venice, yesterday, took us over the Swiss Alps, you can’t beat a bit of sight seeing from 38 thousand feet on a cloudless day, can you? I could see every nook and cranny of those snow capped mountains. What an awe-inspiring sight of The Matterhorn in the distance, I even saw a bit of the German countryside too, as I was tucking into a jam and cream scone, then thick, inpenetrable looking clouds appeared, and I knew we were back home in England.

  11. Yes, I had to scrap off frost from the car windows this morning, but it was just a thin layer. I thought about winter tyres shortly, but this has to wait still a bit. New boots, Ponita? Black leather and kinky? Or more moon boot style?

    Your description is lovely, Mitzi, so that I could jump over my shadow and climp into such a sonic tin can …

  12. Ponita says:

    No, not black leather and kinky…. nor moon boots. Brown lace-ups with enough insulation to be good to -25C but a bit more on the fashionable side rather than the functional (and ugly) side. 😉

  13. That means that they make you at least ten centimeters higher!

    At least my conversation with Mr. Bankman yesterday was not entirely unsatisfactory, dear Pat.

    And the potatoe soup, Norma. In my imagination ice rinks need something like a food stand with hot soup: And because Marlene was known for her cooking, especially her potatoe soup … We mus ask von LX whether there is a soup stand at the Marlene rink.

  14. Unfortunately, no hot soup. They have several kinds of grilled wurst and grilled steak and chicken on a stick. They also have what appears to be hot wine in tall thin glass steins.

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